Friday, October 3, 2008

Talk about timing...

Ok, I've made zero progress on the puzzle since last post. Which reminds me...I need to ask Cletus to put it out of harms way since Hoopah is coming by for the weekend. I'd be pretty bummed if something happened to it.

So, yesterday I started feeling kinda icky. I took some Nyquil before bed because I wanted to "nip it in the bud" before it got too bad. Here's my take on Nyquil: If you get to sleep, do your best to stay that way. If I don't get woke up in the middle of the night, I'm golden in the morning. If I do get woke up...even an hour before I have to get up, it's nearly impossible for me to wake up completely when I need to. Hence, what happened last night and this morning. I took the meds at about 9:00 (mistake #1 I know), went to bed at 10ish...I think...I don't even remember. Woke up at oh, 5 am for whatever reason and was wide-friggin-awake!!! It took me 15 minutes to go back to sleep, and then I couldn't wake up when my alarm went off. GRR! When I finally got up, I was greeted with a mild sore throat (much better than the other day), but with a severely plugged nose! And I was dizzy...crazy dizzy. Not to the point of vertigo, but to the point that I couldn't really focus. So, me in my infinite wisdom, I decide to stop at Kroger on my way to work to get some cough drops and orange juice. OJ doesn't agree with me in the morning at all, but alas...I drank away. About 50 oz later (in an hour), I was almost doubled over in pain. The rest of the oj went down the drain and now I'm just sticking to water. I will never drink that much oj that fast again...especially in the morning when I know my tummy can't handle it. It sucked!!! Luckily, my day is starting to look up. Only a few hours left of work, then I can go home and take a nap...

Now on to the rest of the weekend..............Cletus and Hoopah are going to the MSU football game tomorrow, which leaves me with an empty house! An empty house that needs to be cleaned by Sunday. So, I'm going to dope myself up at about 7 tonight, go to bed around 9 if I can keep myself up that long, sleep as long as my body lets me, and get up to bust my little booty getting the house straightened up. Maybe I'll even get to go through some of my stuff that I haven't been doing since I moved in. Sunday, we're having a bunch of family over cause my sis and bro-in-law are both in town for a couple weeks. My sis lives here, but he doesn't. I have an added project on Sunday of making a double batch of lasagna. Should be good times! Hopefully I can kick this cold in the butt before then. Pray for me!!!


"A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor's book."
-Irish Proverb

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Cletus Pages said...

I like your little booty....hehehe