Sunday, March 31, 2013


Stay tuned for the birth story of our newest addition!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Two-In-One Weekend Recap

I'll have to be quick while I have a few quiet moments before the kiddies wake here goes nothing!

Last weekend (I know...I'm late) was daylight savings time. I really, really dislike daylight savings time - usually. Especially when we "spring ahead" an hour like we did last weekend. Lose an hour of sleep...throw the kids' sleep schedules out of know. Mass chaos.


This time. Not so much! Justin was waking up anywhere between 5 am and 7 am on any given day before the time change. Hoping I don't jinx it right now...he has been sleeping until 7:30 darn near every day since the time change! Woohoo! I've actually pretty much shifted their entire schedules as well. They still eat breakfast at the same time, but lunch/naps got pushed back an hour, and bed time is anywhere between 7:30/8 for Justin, but is still 8 for Julia. It's been fantastic! Well shoot. Just as I typed all that up, Justin decided to start making noise...and it's only 6:30! Go back to sleep boy...go. back. to. sleep!

Last weekend was also Julia's third birthday! She had a blast, and the party turned out great! The theme was "Sunshine, Lollipops, and Rainbows", but I had a hard time finding many sunshiney or lollipoppy decorations, so it kind of looked like a rainbow explosion in our house...haha! My sister helped make (well...she made) a rainbow jell-o mold, I put together some rainbow fruit skewers, and my sis also made the most awesomest cake EVER! My feet were swollen by the end of the day... I will try to add party pictures another time.

Ok. On to this weekend! Friday we finally got the appraisal back on our house, and good news! It appraised slightly above the purchase price that we agreed on!!! Yay!!! Now, we just have to wait for the appraisal to come back on the house that we want to buy, which *should* be this week. We haven't gotten the official clear to close from the underwriters yet, but that should come in the next week or so. Hopefully sooner!

Hmm...let's see. OH! So, I'm crocheting a bikini for a local Hooter's waitress to wear in the swimsuit competition, and I got the top done this weekend! Yay! I love how it's coming out. The color combination is really pretty, now I just need to make the bottoms! I hope she likes it when she gets it! I'll post pictures after the competition, so just be patient!

Yesterday was St. Patrick's Day...we had lots of fun as a family yesterday, just hanging out at home, having random dance parties whenever Michael decided to turn on his "Irish" We also had corned beef and cabbage for dinner. I couldn't stop eating was so good! I'm very excited for leftovers today...If Michael left any for me...haha!

I finally updated my P52 blog! Head over and check it out: MyPhotoProject52 I was only about 7 weeks behind...whoops!

On the baby front - still pregnant! 38 weeks and feeling every minute of it. I've been beyond exhausted for the last couple of weeks. However, I'm waking up much more easily since the little man seems to be sleeping better and not waking me up at 5:30 or 6 every morning! I've gained 30 lbs so far...and still have no stretch marks! Yay! Baby #3 and no stretch marks...thank you good genes! I'm relatively certain that she's dropped, though, so it could be any time now! I was kind of hoping for a little St. Patty's Day girl, but that's ok. She must need a little more time to cook. :-)

OK. I think that's it! Have a good day!
God Bless!