Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Year in Review

Well, with 2010 winding down, I think it's time for another "Year in Review" post!  I'll try to keep it short and sweet, but who could get very drawn out!

~~January 2010~~
○ January happily brought on the third trimester of my pregnancy with Julia!  We had our first baby shower later in the month and got clothes galore, an abundance of blankets and bath stuff, and many other small items.  Michael also had his diaper party, and we received tons of disposable diapers! the way...are still being used!  We purchased our travel system, and mom and I snagged an AWESOME deal on a gorgeous bassinet that will be used again too.
○ We also found out that Michael's brother was engaged to a wonderful woman in January.  They planned the wedding for July 2010.
○ Hospital tours commenced.

~~February 2010~~
○ CLOTH diapers were ordered, since this was in fact what we wanted to use.  Save some the planet!  =)
○ I called it this month that Julia wasn't going to wait until her due date to be born...hehehe.
○ I turned 29 years old!  Nothing major, right?  Just one year closer to 30.  We went out to dinner with my girlfriend and her hubby to celebrate since her birthday is 2 days before mine.  Good times!

~~March 2010~~
○ March brought on big changes in our house.  We rearranged the living room, got rid of some furniture, and made room for baby stuff (like the pack n play).

○ We enjoyed some Olympic actions...Men's Hockey anyone?  =)
○ Little miss Julia made her appearance!!!  3 weeks and one day early...she was considered a preemie by one day, and had to undergo some tests in the hospital nursery before we could take her home.
○ We had our "adventures in jaundice" this month too...along with me realizing that motherhood...changes everything!

~~April 2010~~
○ We had Julia's first professional pictures taken in April...when she was only one month old.  The photographer did a good job, but Miss J wasn't having it!
○ I witnessed the first gummy was beautiful!
○ "Mommy" had some eye opening experiences...

~~May 2010~~
○ I celebrated my first Mother's Day this was wonderful!
○ Michael and I celebrated our one year wedding anniversary.
○ I started back at work.

~~June 2010~~
○ I introduced "Time Warp Tuesday" here on my blog.  It didn't really last that long, but I gave it a shot!
○ Julia started day care, while I was work...It wasn't easy.
○ We encountered our first ear infection for little miss.

~~July 2010~~
○ Michael's brother got married!  Yay!
○ Julia developed a dental cyst due to her first tooth trying to poke through.
○ I rediscovered my confidence...

~~August 2010~~
○ Julia tried oatmeal for the first time instead of rice.
○ Michael got a full time permanent job, allowing us to decide when I would be able to stay home with the wee one.

~~September 2010~~
○ Julia turned 6 months old!  Happy Half Birthday baby girl!
○ I started my "new job".
○ Some family issues arose...things were taken in a completely wrong way, and it's still being sorted out.
○ I shared some advice...

~~October 2010~~
○ I completed and mailed a scarf I made for a swap on my Crocheting Mama's board.  I liked it!
○ Adjustments into parenting continued...things kind of started getting easier.
○ I had my first trial of a baby with a fever unexpectedly this month...thanks to yet another ear infection.
○ Our first Halloween as a family!  Julia was a lady bug.  =)

~~November 2010~~
○ We shared the news with our parents and siblings that baby #2 is on its way, estimated to arrive in July 2011!
○ We ventured to my grandparents house for Thanksgiving, and announced to my family that we are expecting our second little bundle.
○ Our first Thanksgiving as a family!
○ We got a big girl car seat for little Miss.  No more infant seat!

~~December 2010~~
○ Julia got to see her first snow fall!  She loved it!
○ Our first Christmas as a family!  Well, actually...4 of them!  One at Michael's cousin's house, one with his parents, one with my mom, and one with just us!  It was fun, and we're still enjoying our new toys...
○ I made a decision to possibly pursue an age old dream of freelance writing or editing.  We'll see...
○ My sister decided to be a surrogate for Michael's brother and his wife...what an incredible gift!  Their baby (or babies) will arrive some time in 2011!

I hope you enjoyed your 2010.  Whether it was difficult, easy, love filled or heartbreaking...

Here's to a blessed 2011!

God bless...

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Age Old Dreams...

I have always been told that I'm a good writer.  I know it may not come across here much, but it's always something that has come easily to me.  In school, my teachers always enjoyed my stories, and I was constantly getting good grades on my writing assignments.  When I got into college - for the two semesters that I was there - I got praises constantly again.  A few papers even received an "A+".

There have been times that I've considered being a freelance writer.  But I've never known where to start.  I love to write...well...I think I do better with editing, but writing has always been a passion of mine.  Maybe one of these days I will begin pursuing this dream, and who knows...maybe it will become something more for me...

God bless...

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Where has this year gone???

Really???  Where has this year gone?  I look back to the beginning of the year, and I swear it feels like it's only been a few's already December 29th!!!  Hopefully I will have a new update soon.  I just need to sit down and come up with something good.  Only 2 months until Julia's first birthday!!!

Oh, and here are a couple of pics to "tide you over".

Julia, Christmas eve at mom's house

And meet The Tot...AKA Baby B #2!!

God bless!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!!!

Just a quick note to say Merry Christmas to all of my loyal blog readers, and those that may just pop in...

From our growing family...of FOUR!

Monday, December 6, 2010


2 more days until we find out how much little Miss J has grown!  I hope she's finally above the 25th percentile...

It snowed again last night!  I will consider this one our official first snow.  We got about an inch total, it stuck around all day, and is still here!  It's so pretty.  When I got Julia up this morning, I brought her downstairs, and told her I had something to show her.  I unfastened the back curtain, and pulled it open.  She LOVED the snow!!!  This was her "second" look...

Her first reaction was the best, but I didn't get that one on camera.  As soon as I opened the curtain, she had the wide-eyed, eyebrows raised, mouth open look on her face.  It was so. stinking. cute!!!

Anyways...she has her 9 month well visit on Wednesday.  Thankfully she doesn't get any shots at this one!  Yay!

God Bless.

Friday, December 3, 2010

What if...

Have you ever stopped to think about the "what ifs"?  What if you had made different decisions in your life?  What if you did/did not have God to look to?  What if you knew of certain outcomes, but made the same choice anyways?  What if you never lost a loved one before it was "your time" to go?

What if...

I am grateful for all of the choices, hardships, struggles, and blessings that I have had in my life.  If it wasn't for my past, I wouldn't be the person that I am today.  What have you dealt with that you wouldn't trade for anything?  Simple, or hard...leave it anonymously if you don't want people to know who you are.  I won't judge you, and I hope others wouldn't as well.

God Bless...

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

First Snow!!!

Today we had our first snow fall of the "season"!  It was so pretty...I miss the white stuff!!!  There wasn't really much of it, but it was so pretty falling.  I took Julia to the back door to watch it, and she was totally mesmerized!  It was really cute...  =)

I scheduled her 9 month well visit appointment today too...  *sigh*  Our little girl is growing up so fast...

That is all.

God bless!