Friday, March 21, 2014

Hair and Nails!

Back in October 2012, I shared this post about wanting to donate my hair. Shortly after that, I shared this post with my "starting picture". Well, I'm happy to say that I still haven't cut my hair more than just a trim since then (and believe me...I'm due for another trim!!!), but I'm getting rather attached to my long hair. I love being able to braid it, or wear it up/down/whatever. As of now, it's about to the bottom of my shoulder blades...see? Now, don't mind the mess in the background, or the fact that my hair is still wet 2 hours after my shower...haha! (Click on the link above for the starting length. It was barely below my shoulders!)

Back at Christmas time, a group of mom friends that I've been talking to since we were pregnant with our 2010 babies decided to do a gift exchange. Well, the mama that drew my name got me started on my "new" obsession. I say "new" because it's something that I've always enjoyed doing, but just never really did it often. See...she got me a new Thermal coffee mug (awesome!), dotting tools and two bottles of nail polish, based on this pin. It really got me back into painting my nails!!! Since then, I've managed to accumulate about 75 new polishes, nail brushes, and nail tape. I've also really branched out in my "artwork". I'm just going to share a few pictures, because otherwise this post would be WAY too long! :-)

This is one of my all time favorite manis!

Inspired by the dress that Julia wore to the daddy daughter dance.

Monsters Inc! (Character nails)

I did these for the girls' birthday party. Coordinated with the cake and the colors we will be using in their bedroom. :-)

There was an NFL Superbowl challenge on BabyCenter, of course I was rooting for Michael's Broncos!

Ok. That's enough! 

God bless!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Unexpected

I know I've been slacking on this here little blog of mine, and I'm sorry. I've even lost a follower in the last few weeks! Boo! However...I was contacted by one of my readers, and it was totally unexpected. Sometimes, though, the best things come when they're least expected.

We've all heard the phrase "the best things in life are free". When something free is also prepared to be blown away, or at least completely caught off guard!

This is what happened to me recently. The unexpected. The unknown...but with a connection. A profound connection.

See, many of you have probably seen the story about my friend Adam. If you haven't read it yet, go read it. He was an amazing person. An amazing friend. A huge inspiration. I am so blessed to have been a part of his life.

Fast forward from that story to the end of last month. I'm such a bad blogger lately that I didn't get the message until 2 weeks later. (Sorry again!!!) Heather contacted me to help spread the word about this awesome page called Lung Leavin' Day. See, she suffered from mesothelioma, just like Adam had...only she beat the odds, has lived to share her story, and is out to help spread awareness to others that have dealt or are dealing with this disastrous disease. Every year on February 2 (this is where my tardiness comes in!), they celebrate Heather's survival by writing their fears on plates, and smashing them in the fire. The day has grown from just a few close friends, to more than 75 people in just 8 years...that is awesome. Now, go on that Lung Leavin' Day link and smash your fears!

And to Heather...thank you. Thank you for reaching out to me. Thank you for being the unexpected, for sharing your story with me, and for giving me the opportunity to spread the word!

God bless,