Friday, June 30, 2017

"Don't Worry, There Will Be More!"

But, what if there aren't?

What if the last birthday your child celebrated, was their last birthday?

Or your last birthday was your last birthday?

What if you celebrated your first wedding anniversary, only to have it be your last?

What if there weren't any more celebrations?

Somber though, that is.

Live life while you have it.

Love like there's nothing left...

Make sure those that you love know it.

Because one day, there won't be anything left...

This is your life. Your book. Write it your way.

Live your life so you're happy.

You only control yourself.

No one else.

So don't try to force your thoughts on others...let them live, too.

God bless.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Make Time to Slow Down

Hi there, long lost blog followers. I know I've let you down, I've let you go by the wayside, I've 'lost' you a little bit, right along with my other blog. I'm sorry. I will do better. Sometime.

Life gets a little bit crazy, you know? We're always running, doing, going...but not slowing. We need to make time to slow down. For our health. For our own sanity. We're always busy, busy, busy! Unfortunately, not slowing down is just going to make us busy ourselves to death.

We need to take a break.

To stop and smell the roses.

Share some coffee or dinner with a friend or family., you know, that little thing that's always there for you. Do we even realize just how important they are to us? Yeah, there are bumps in the road, we may lose touch every once in a while, but family is family. Period. We should be able to rely on them for things, even if it's just some moral support, or an "I feel ya" when we're struggling. They're your blood. Your lifeline...or maybe they're your whole life. Love them. Appreciate them. Give them the grace that they deserve even when they make you angry or do something you don't agree with. Support them. Thank them. Tell them you love them. Because no one knows how long we have left to live on this Earth.

Make some time to slow down today. Step away from your schedule, and reach out to someone else. You may just make their day!

God bless,
Stacy B.