Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Time Warp Tuesday!

Well, here we are again.  Another week gone, and the year is almost half over!  Holy moly...

What's my mood today you ask?  Well...I don't even know at this point.  Up until about an hour ago, I would have said "shattered"..."crushed" even...really upset.  Now?  I have no idea.  And I don't think I'll know for a little while.

Anyways...on to the Time Warp!

TWT Entry #4:
I took this picture at the 2005 North American International Auto Show in Detroit.  I <3 this car...It's a Ford Shelby Cobra GR1 concept car...hand polished...HAND POLISHED aluminum body...with a V-10...auuughghhhghhgggg (think Homer Simpson...)  I think they said there was something like 7,000 man hours put into that body.  *drool*

You can find more information on it here.

Friday, June 25, 2010


As promised, a photo of my lilies!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It's time for some changes and some clean up...

To all of the bloggers that I currently follow - Please don't be offended if I no longer follow you, I will have you bookmarked on my computer.  I'm finding myself sifting through the 20 something blogs I have listed right now looking for specific ones.  It's all a selfish act to make my life a little easier...which right now, I really need.  I'm also going to be playing around with the new 'Design' feature that blogger has.  I need a new background...I don't know when these changes will take place, but it will be soon.  I've actually resorted to bringing my laptop to work with me again.  It's a bit of a distraction some days, but I must say...I have more control over my music on this thing than I do with Pandora.  =)

Now, to my usual posting.

Last night was interesting to say the least.  I got to the day care to pick up Julia (still despise the fact that I have to take her there, but at least I like the place), and she had just - JUST - gone down for a nap 20 minutes before.  I thought to myself, "Great.  This will make for an interesting night..."  I got her loaded into her car seat and she was wide awake, which meant I had to try to get her to go to sleep after the 20 minute car ride home.  Yippee.  I got home, changed her diaper, wrapped her up and laid her down.  She fell asleep for a short time, but 5 minutes later, she was crying.  Went upstairs, shushed her, calmed her down, eyes fell closed, went back downstairs.  5 minutes later, she was crying.  This went on a couple more times and finally I said 'screw it' and got her up.  She did end up taking a nap before 7 pm.  For 25 minutes in my arms, and (you guessed it) 5 minutes in the crib.  The rest of the night was just as fun!!!  Michael spent a lot of time outside, while I stayed inside dealing with a crabby, over-tired baby, washing bottles, washing Julia's new cloth diapers (can't WAIT to start using them!!!), and trying to figure out when I'm going to take a shower!  Anyways.  She FINALLY went to 9:45.  Normally she goes down some time between 8 and 9:00.  Not today!  Nope.  She had other plans.  Julia finally fell asleep at 10, and that's when I had my chance to shower.  I must add here that I hate, hate HATE showering at night...but that's the only time I can unless I get up at 5 am...  Yes, last night was one of those frustrating nights.  They don't happen often, but they are so annoying when they do!  LOL  I can't believe that her first birthday is only 8 months away!!!  The next few months are going to be so much fun, and they're going to go so fast!!!  I'm just disappointed that I'm going to miss so much of it because she's in day care all day.  *sigh*

On a side lilies are blooming like crazy!!!  I'll post a picture soon...I hope...

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Time Warp Tuesday! (and an update...)

Whew...where did the last week go, seriously?  I can't keep up!!!  Before I post TWT #3, I want to do a much needed update.

Last Sunday, Julia was super congested, and kept us up half the night practically gagging on whatever drainage was going on in her little sinus cavities.  She had also started coughing and sneezing a bit so I called the doctor.  They didn't even hesitate setting up an appointment for her when I ran down her list of "symptoms".  I left work a little early and had her checked out.  Get this...she was "perfectly healthy".  No fever, no cold, nothing.  I was instructed to get her outside (for the humidity), and to set up a humidifier/vaporizer in her room to help break up whatever was in her sinuses.  No biggie.  I got home late that afternoon, and around dinner she felt kind of warm so I took her temperature.  101.6 (+1)!!!  Crap.  Well, the doc said she was ok, but I can't take her to day care for 24 hours following a fever.  I gave her some Tylenol to break the fever and called my sis to watch her on Tuesday.

We kept an eye on her that night, and throughout the day Tuesday.  I wound up taking her back in on Wednesday because she spiked a fever again.  Turns out...she had an ear infection!  In both ears!!!  Poor baby...but apparently, it happens all the time so my first time mom freak out was a little overboard!  LOL  She is doing much better now that she's on antibiotics.  Our little girl is growing fast though!  She's up to 10lbs 11oz!  I can't believe she'll be 4 months old in just 2 short weeks...  *sigh*

Now for Time Warp Tuesday!

TWT Entry #3:
This picture was taken in Chicago on St. Patrick's Day in 2007.  Wow...what a fun weekend THAT was!!!  I would love to do it all again, except I would change one thing...I would have my hubby and my daughter to spend it with!  =)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Time Warp Tuesday!

Wow!  I can't believe it's already been a week since the last Time Warp Tuesday!...where is time going???


TWT Entry #2:
Deleted...maybe I'll replace it eventually.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

3 Months down, a lifetime to go...

Yesterday, little miss Julia turned 3 months old! =)  I can't wait to see what the rest of our life with this little girl brings. She is such a joy...even when she wakes up 3 times a night to eat and refuses to go back to sleep one of those times, or is screaming because she needs something.

Happy 3 Months Julia!

She's been in day care since Monday, and it has NOT been easy on me.  My brother-in-law watched her the first 6 days I was back at work, and that wasn't so bad.  I got text updates whenever I wanted, and even got pictures and videos sent to me sometimes.  It was nice!

When I dropped her off on Monday, she was sleepy and a little hungry so she was whining a little.  I didn't want to leave her.  I wanted to take care of my baby girl, but I had to go to work.  I made it most of the day without crying.  Only got choked up a couple of times, and didn't actually cry until I was in my car on the way to pick her up to take her home.  She did pretty good on Monday though, and greeted me with a big smile when I got there...that almost made it worth it.

Yesterday was a lot easier.  She was still very sleepy, and had just eaten about an hour and a half before I got there, so I swaddled her and put her down in her crib.  I felt a lot better about the day yesterday...until I got there to pick her up.  I saw that she had only eaten 3.5 oz the whole day.  I knew that meant it would be a long night for us.  She wanted to eat 3 times in a 3 hour period, and I felt like I had nothing for her...I felt terrible.

This morning sucked dropping her off.  Maybe because she only got 3 1/2 flipping oz of breast milk yesterday and was up 3 times last night, maybe because I didn't get to bed until almost 10:30...and got up 3 times last night. Maybe because she was tired, hungry, and crying when I dropped her off and I couldn't do a damn thing about it because I had to be here, at work, and not with her where I should be...I've already cried once today...we'll see how the rest of the day goes...I need to get cracking.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Time Warp Tuesday!

I've decided to start a new "tradition" so-to-speak with my blog.  We'll see how well I'm able to keep up with it!  From now on, I'm going to start Time Warp Tuesday!

TWT Entry #1:
The weekend I met Michael's parents...about 3 years ago.