Sunday, June 1, 2008

I Want Stanley! And Other Weekend Stuff...

Hello? Does anybody read this anymore? Don't be afraid to comment :-D

Today is Cletus's birthday! Yay! He's now 28 years young! Last night, we went to Muldoon's to get some drinks and watch the Wings play. It was a good night for the most part. The Wings ROCKED - beat the Penguins 2-1 oooooh yeah!! It's all going to end on the the D...right where Stanley BELONGS!!!

Ok, that's enough about that. Today, Cletus and I rode about 7 miles on the Clinton River Trail. It was fun times together. I'm tired, and ready for bed now, but it was worth it. We had burgers on the grill for dinner courtesy guessed it...Cletus!

Good weekend :-)


"Until mountain biking came along, the bike scene was ruled by a small elite cadre of people who seemed allergic to enthusiasm."
-Jacquie Phelan

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Kasia said...

I read it! I just don't often comment... :-)