Friday, June 6, 2008

CBC might drop a couple of notches

I just saw that there’s a possibility that they might try to “silence” the Hockey Night in Canada theme (aka The Hockey Song). WHAT????
An excerpt from the story that is found here - (yeah, I still don't have the whole linking thing down...)

Reports that the theme might be benched next year came when the agency that represents the song’s composer said Thursday that the CBC will no longer use the familiar hockey anthem.
But the head of CBC Sports says the song hasn’t been shelved yet.

“Our negotiations continue and if we can do a deal for the theme that’s reasonable for both sides, we’ll do it,” said CBC Sports executive director Scott Moore in an interview. “It’s a great theme. If we can’t, then we have an alternate direction that we’re excited about and that I think will create controversy and create excitement amongst Canadians.”

“But certainly our first choice would be to keep the theme as it is.”

The licence agreement CBC had with composer Dolores Claman ended with this year’s Stanley Cup playoffs, which wrapped up Wednesday night.

Interesting, but even I’m still bummed!!! And I don't even get to watch CBC that often!!! I hope they keep it, for the sake of the fans.


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