Friday, June 20, 2008


So, I've come to the conclusion that not all meltdowns are bad. I had one yesterday...don't worry, I'm ok, nothing is really wrong anymore (that I know of), I was just freaking out about something that I have no control over. Here's a little bit of the story though.

My phone had a really bad habit of randomly turning off...well, it wasn't really random. If I got online with it, there was a chance that it would shut off, when I changed the volume setting, it might freeze on that screen, then shut off when I flipped it open again. It was super annoying and had been going on for quite a while. However, I knew my contract was expiring soon and I could get a new phone anyways, so I decided to wait it out. Now, I was heading out of work, and after a few eye opening conversations, and me forgetting some stuff, I was pretty frustrated. I got down to my car, realized I had forgotten a couple things and moved my car closer to the building so I wouldn't have to walk the length of a football field two more times. Went back upstairs to my desk, grabbed one of the two things and headed back out. When I got back to my car again, I realized that I had forgotten to grab one of the things I needed. At this point, I felt like crying, but didn't. Trust me, I was VERY frustrated at this point. I flipped open my phone to call my sister, and it turned I chucked it at the dashboard. Great now I have no phone!!! I broke down, seriously. It sucked...I regained my composure enough to head back into the building, went into the sales department (cause I really didn't want to go back upstairs-and by this point I had completely forgotten about the second thing I wanted to grab), and I used the phone of one of the sales guys (thanks again). I called Cletus practically in tears still and told him he wouldn't be able to reach me on my cell phone for a couple of days. He asked why and I said "because it's in three fucking pieces in the floor of my car". Yeah, tears again. He's great though. He came over to my apartment, heard my story, gave me a big hug (which made me feel a lot better), and we headed to the Sprint store near me to get me a new phone. Well, we were planning on combining phone plans and just having one so we could save some money, and we wound up doing that last night too. So now, I have a new phone, and so does Cletus!

The really strange part for me is that I'm happy today, but I feel like I could break down and cry at any moment. Hopefully that doesn't happen, but we'll see what happens on the drive home today...

P.S. Cletus, I'm sorry...I think you know what I'm talking about. You're right...



"Get mad, then get over it."
-Colin Powell

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Jaibee said...

Sometimes meltdowns are the only way to deal with extreme frustration. *Hugs*