Sunday, April 26, 2009

Decent weekend...

Could have been better...

Friday at work, I finally resolved myself to the fact that inanimate objects (specifically my wireless card) can't be trained, nor can they be bullied into cooperation. I have my laptop with me at work everyday so I can take care of wedding stuff, or surf when I'm on lunch. Well, I use a random connection, and the majority of the time it works. When it doesn't, sometimes I can just move my computer one to two inches and the signal will remain. This time, not so much!!! Internet: Connected. Internet: Disconnected. Internet: Connected. Internet: Disconnected. After about 2 hours of this going back and forth, I decided to try to coax it into cooperation. "Here, let's try moving you here...", "Ok, that didn't work, let's try here", "hmm, that didn't work either, let's try where you were sitting a few months ago with minimal issues." Nope...nothing worked. I even went into a co-workers office in attempt to remove as much interference as possible...she has a window...I'm in a cubicle behind a concrete wall. Still didn't work. Oh well. I just decided to deal with whatever it was when I got home from work.

We didn't do very much when I got home from work that night. Went to McDonald's for dinner (oh so bad for you...but the fries are so good!!!), made sure the R.S.V.P. list was "all inclusive"...there were a couple of names that got left off...oops...then we went for a walk to the little ice cream joint about 2 blocks away. After that, it was lazy time.

Saturday, I went tanning, he fixed the gate on the privacy fence, then we decided to take a nap. I was so tired that I fell asleep almost instantly. Woke up about 15 minutes later to some CRAZY wind!!! Quick storm blew through, then we went to church! On the way home, I picked up some baking chocolate for my girls night. Once the ladies showed up, we started baking goodies! We had a peach cobbler type thing, Ghirardelli brownies with pudding and walnuts added, lemon bars, and truffles! We had a really good time. My honey went to the bar though, because there was 'too much estrogen' in the house. LOL Here's where it kind of went downhill. While he was gone, I decided to show a couple pictures of my wedding dress to the girls. Well, I (like a nerd) left one of the pics up on my laptop. Not a big deal because he wasn't at home. My screen saver kicked in, and all of us girls sat in the dining room to chat. Michael came home, and I was going to show something to the ladies. Grabbed my laptop, unplugged it, went to the dining room, sat down, "woke" it up, and BAM. There was a picture of my wedding dress...and Michael was standing right behind me. :-( I've had my dress in "my" possession for over a year, and he's had absolutely no idea about it. I've had it ordered since November 2007, and he's had no idea about it. Then, just by me not closing a window on my computer before walking away, he sees the whole thing...veil and all. :-( I'm very, very, VERY bummed about it. More about my own stupidity...but bummed that he's already seen it. Takes the whole element of surprise out of the wedding day. Oh well...only 3 weeks to go. On a positive note, he said I looked really pretty in the picture...still...very bummed. Makes me want to get another one, but I'm not going to. I love my wedding dress...

Today was my nieces 7th birthday party! We got to go bowling!!! I haven't been in sooooooo long, and I think the best score I got out of 2 games was around...72. lol Anyhoo...I GUESS it was an ok weekend, other than him seeing my wedding dress. It's going to take me a while to get over that I think. It was good to see my family today, bro, both sisters, 2 of my nieces, one of my cousins, me and Michael were all at the bowling alley. We had a good time! The little ones are all growing up so fast...I'm excited to have my own eventually, but I'm going to want to stop them from growing...and it's not going to happen!

Goodnight everyone.


"For every minute you are angry, you lose sixty seconds of happiness."
-Author Unknown

New post coming soon....

I have a few things swirling around in my mind right now. I have a birthday party to go to today for the most adorable 7 year old in the world though, so stories will be posted later! Check back in a few hours.


"Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional."
-Chili Davis

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Can I count that as an update?? Now all the crap is coming out of the woodwork. Should I go ahead and do assigned seating due to recent "developments"??? Should I just scrap the 2 or 3 reserved tables right near the head table? They were intended to be for parents, grandparents and significant others (and children) of the wedding party. Now that a couple of things have been brought to my attention, THAT probably won't work either!

Oh well.


Only 4 more weeks and all this stuff is done.

Now, as I sit here and eat my microwave popcorn for dinner (instead of Thai because I am just plain sick of being in my car today), let's review how the day went. I had a to-do list. It consisted of: Going to the bank to deposit money from the shower, going to Jared for my 6 month check up on my ring, cleaning the house, filling out the thank you cards from the shower, going shopping (card stock for programs, a pot and potting soil for a plant that I got from a co-worker, shampoo & conditioner, mini-type-things to put in baskets at the reception, and something to keep the blasted curtains on the door wall shut), potting aforementioned plant, tanning, meeting my sister to get something i needed for my hair appointment, the hair appointment itself, and going to the eye place to pick up my new glasses got added to the list.

I guess it's a pretty good thing I didn't go with Michael this weekend. There's no way I would get all this stuff done. Now, having said that, the only things left on that list are cleaning the house, thank you cards, and going through boxes. Yay. I'm so looking forward to two of those three. The thank yous will be fun though! Maybe that should be my "reward" for doing the other things...yeah...that wouldn't work. That's not enough motivation for me.

Ugh. So much for down time... :-( I so can't wait for the honeymoon...


"Sometimes it seems your ever-increasing list of things to do can leave you feeling totally undone."
-Susan Mitchell and Catherine Christie, I'd Kill for a Cookie

Friday, April 17, 2009

Got Prayers? :-)

Ok, there is so much going on!!! Please...pray for these people...

For Adam - for continued strength during his ongoing (almost over I hope) battle with cancer
For Tajia - for her recent miscarriage and the hope that God will grant her the ability to have a baby in the future.
For Cheryl - for continued strength, assistance when needed, and that she may be able to finish her schooling without interruption.
For Steve, Brandon, all of the soldiers overseas and locally - that they may
For All military families...for strength
For Stephanie, Briahna, and Debbie - for strength during their difficult times.
For my dad and my step-mom - for strength of support and medical recovery
For my brother - for his recent job interview
For all of the shiny new Catholics that entered the Church at the Easter Vigil, and for those celebrating their anniversaries of Baptism, Confirmation, and First Eucharist - that they may have all of the guidance and acceptance they need.
For all of society - that we as a people can begin to see eye to eye and not take things so personally, so negatively, and learn to understand that nothing is perfect.
For our president - that he may maintain his professionalism and leadership throughout his term.

Thanks everyone. Please feel free to add to the list. We could all use a little extra prayer.


"When at night you cannot sleep, talk to the Shepherd and stop counting sheep."
-Author Unknown

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wedding Updates

Today, we're going to cover updates on the wedding since I've already screwed around for half of my lunch and am somewhat short on time now! LOL

Church - check
Reception Hall - check (and a little less than half paid for)
DJ and song selections - check (and paid in full)
Photographer - check
Limo - check (and paid in full)
Dress - check (duh) - altered and all
Tuxedos - check (well, the guys have been measured for them anyways)
Flowers - check - and will be paid in full by the end of the month
Centerpieces - check (Thanks girls!!!)
Bridesmaid dresses - check
Hotel rooms (for us and guests) - check
Cake, topper and serving set - check
Invites mailed - check - waiting on the rest of the RSVP's...c'mon people! lol
Wedding shower - check - and what a BLAST!
Shower thank you's - working on them this weekend, so watch your mail boxes!
Card box for the reception - being created by the future father in law :-)
Hair style - check - need a trial run done so I'm sure of the time it takes though
My accessories - check, for the most part...only a couple more things to pick up.
Wedding party gifts - check
Rings - check
Honeymoon needs - check
Worship Aids - created...not printed or folded yet though
Guest book - check

Oh my...what am I missing!!! I know there's something... Probably a few me out people!!!

By the looks of it though, we're doing pretty good!!! ONLY 30 DAYS TO GO!!! OH MY GOODNESS!!!


"The Life and Soul, the man who will never go home while there is one man, woman or glass of anything not yet drunk."
-Katherine Whitehorn

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Spider Story

Ok, this one is going first because it's kind of entertaining now that I look back on it, but it was seriously disgusting and somewhat scary for me when it happened.

Let's start with some background first: I don't like spiders. They're creepy to me, gross looking, and just plain EEW!!! I don't know what made me be afraid of them, but I am to a point. The little ones, I'm somewhat ok with. I can squash them if need be, but the big better do it for me or give me a very accurate way of doing it from about 10 feet away! Now, having said that...if they're in a cage or something where I know they won't 'get me', I'm ok with them. It's when they're out in the open that they freak me out. Now, just so you can picture it...we have a 2 car attached garage. I park closest to the door going into the house, and he parks on the other side. Normally he pulls straight in, but the majority of the time, I back in. Mental picture in place?

Ok, here's what happened. Last Thursday, Michael and I went to the Triduum service at church for Passover. When we came home, I got out of the truck and walked behind it to head to the door to go into the house. He went the other way (around the back of my car) so he could unlock the door. I came around the front of my car, froze and gasped. Literally FROZE. I couldn't move!!! Michael said "what's wrong?", and I said "Big...freaking...spider!" and pointed towards the floor about half way between the garage door and the door into the house. Mental picture still going? Good. Now, of course his response was "Geez, honey, it's just a spider. It's one of God's creatures." That last part...I sensed a small amount of sarcasm in his Michael went and grabbed something to spray it with. I don't know if it was bug stuff, or brake-clean stuff (which I might WONDERS against all kinds of insect type pests). I didn't take my eyes off of the intruder though. I wasn't going to let it get away that easily! Mind you, I still haven't moved from my perch in front of my car. He sprayed...the spider started cruising away...I stepped back "eeeew"ing. Michael started in with the 'it's only a spider thing' again and all I could think was "You should be in my shoes right now!!!" hehehee Well, he squatted down between me and the spider, sprayed it again, and I got a little braver...with a lead blocker in place, I was no longer the main target! I squatted down behind him, extended my primed and ready to take a picture...and snapped this...

Keep in mind that my phone was about two feet away from the spider when I took that picture. GROSS!!! From the tip of the front leg, to the tip of the back leg just as it's shown there, was probably about the length of my pinkie, or about 2 1/2 inches. I thought it looked like a wolf spider...who knows. All that matters is that thing is dead now and will never get into the house! Thank you LORD!!! I seriously don't know what I would have done if that thing was in the house... Unfortunately, it is spring time, and that's when all the creepy crawlies come out to play!!!

On to a little more funny now. I came in to work the next day and told a co-worker about the night before. I left out the fact that it was a spider that I was talking about, and when I said "this is what I saw" and went to hand the phone to her, she about dropped it because of the picture. heheheeee We torment each other on a somewhat regular basis. :-)

Anyways...I'm not sure when my next update is going to be. I'll try to get back to the once a day thing...we'll see how that goes!!!


"The year's at the spring
And day's at the morn;
Morning's at seven;
The hillside's dew-pearled;
The lark's on the wing;
The snail's on the thorn;
God's in His heaven -
All's right with the world!"
-Robert Browning

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Down time? What down time?

There are so many thoughts swimming around in my head right now...I don't even know where to start. All I know is that I REALLY need to get to bed.

Things to look forward to:

Easter Vigil
The Spider Story
Adam's Story
The Obvious Wedding Updates
Down Time (or lack thereof)
My Recent Gathering Planning
And more...

Good night blog world...maybe I'll have something worth while posted in the next day or so.

P.S. If you managed to catch my blog when just the title of this post was put apologies. I was a little quick on the keyboard...


"I suppose it is much more comfortable to be mad and know it, than to be sane and have one's doubts."
-G.B. Burgin

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The shower

So, Sunday was the wedding shower and I had a blast!!! Michael said he had a good time too which made me happy. I heard so many people as they were leaving say "This is the most fun I've had at a wedding shower!". Good job mom and sis!!! And thank you...very much. It's definitely something I will not forget...Love you both!

There was actually a surprise for me that day. Michael was fully aware and in the loop on it but managed to not let it slip! My 2 sisters made a 20 minute presentation for me. It was pictures of Michael and I as we grew up with some extra photos thrown in. Some of the extras were of my Mamaw's and great-grandma. All of which have passed away. I knew the Kleenex was on the table for a reason!!! It was so nice, and I got a copy of it from them that day too. :-) Thanks girls!

A few of the guys made it to the shower also. They were severely out numbered by the women, but they had a good time too! They were very good sports about the whole thing.

Here are a few pictures from the day:

The Cake(s) my sister made for us...aren't they awesome!??

The game we played. We had to make "wedding dresses" out of toilet paper!!! What a riot! And let me just is very warm!!! Everyone was such a good sport about it too.

Me introducing the girls! Love you all!!!

BRING ON THE GIFTS!!! LOL I will be doing a LOT of baking!!! :-)

I love these...I've wanted them since the first time I saw them at the store. Can't wait to get them on the wall!!!

Michael with his new "helmet" and "cape" LOL

If I can remember to bring it...this will be my bouquet for the rehearsal :-)

The shower was so much fun. It really made me realize how truly blessed Michael and I are. :-) Thank you everyone!!! (The cards will be sent out soon...I PROMISE!!!)


"Let all thy joys be as the month of May,
And all thy days be as a marriage day."
-Francis Quarles

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Glorious weekends...

This morning I went to get my hair highlighted and cut. I absolutely love my hair like this, but it's so hard and expensive to maintain it. I knew I wanted my hair to be this way for the wedding, so I waited to do it again til now. It's been driving me absolutely CRAZY too...I miss this style!!! Maybe I'll post some pics tomorrow after the wedding shower. I can't believe it's tomorrow!!! Time has gone so fast...just 6 more weeks until the BIG day...I can't wait!

Anyways. I got home from my appointment and got the mail. There was one invitation and one post card. The invitation is from my papaw. It says "insufficient address". I'm very bummed about that. I was really hoping to have him at the wedding. I guess it just wasn't meant to be though. The postcard was from my uncle. What's strange is that it says 'forwarding time expired'...yet the invitation didn't come back...hmm...oh well.

The RSVP's are already coming in like crazy too! We have 16 confirmed attendees already (including the photographer and DJ) and the invitations just went out on Monday! This is fun!! :-) I'm SO glad I'm only doing this once though...maybe we'll renew our vows one day, but it won't be such a big deal. The stress is not as obvious as I thought it would be, but it's definitely noticeable. We'll get through it...well, mostly me...Michael isn't stressing. LOL

Anyways...I have nails to paint for tomorrow, and a puzzle that's calling my name! Maybe I'll pick up the old crochet project sometime this week to help me de-stress a little bit too. That would be nice...


"I'll be the in to your sane."

Friday, April 3, 2009

Found a dress...

And I love it!!! I went wedding dress shopping with a girlfriend of mine last night...we'll call her "K", and figured I'd peek around a bit for a dress to wear to the shower on Sunday. We started at Group USA. K tried on 5 gowns, and I tried on a couple little dresses, but neither of them really struck my fancy. We headed out of that store, and went to Dress Barn. They had a few cute dresses that would work. Well...K pointed out this absolutely adorable ivory dress with a very open black paisley design on it. It has black satin spaghetti straps, and a little peek-a-boo tulle with a black satin lining at the bottom. It's so cute!!! I can't wait to wear it on Sunday!!!

Anyhoo...back to work...


"The quickest way to know a woman is to go shopping with her."
-Marcelene Cox

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

It's all coming together!

It's hard to believe that the shower is only 4 days away!!! I can't believe it's already been almost a year and a half since Michael and I got engaged. It's been fun, but it's starting to get a little stressful. Especially when I pull something like I found out about's the story...

When we ordered the invitations, we had a couple of options for the reception information. We could either print the information right on the invitation for an extra...I don't remember, $4 or $6 or something stupid like that. Well, I didn't want to clutter up the actual wedding part of it, so we passed. The other option was to spend another, oh, $30-40 on an actual reception card that could have had all the information needed...where it is, when it starts and when dinner would be served. We decided to pass on that, and I would make the reception cards. Not a big deal. We ordered the invites and the RSVP cards with envelopes and all, and went on our merry way. WELL! I got to creating all these extra little papers to go in: directions, map, hotel info, along with 'entertainment' information for the 3 hours between the ceremony and reception. Done! Yeah...not so much. The invitations got mailed out on Monday. Tuesday, a bunch of people already had them, and within minutes of delivery, a co-worker who is invited got an email from her husband asking "is there was a separate card for the reception, and what time does it start?" CRAP. So, here I am, feeling like a complete idiot because the reception information is not in the wedding invitations!!! Man, am I glad I'm only doing this once!!! Anyways, I sat down and threw together a postcard yesterday that has the name of the reception hall, address, date, time it starts, and time dinner will be served. The date almost didn't make it on there...that would have just made my day!!!

So, I've decided that I need a re-do of August 19 (the day I ordered the invitations), and a re-do on the last few days!!!

Lord help me through this!!!


"Memory is what tells a man that his wife's birthday was yesterday."
-Mario Rocco