Sunday, April 26, 2009

Decent weekend...

Could have been better...

Friday at work, I finally resolved myself to the fact that inanimate objects (specifically my wireless card) can't be trained, nor can they be bullied into cooperation. I have my laptop with me at work everyday so I can take care of wedding stuff, or surf when I'm on lunch. Well, I use a random connection, and the majority of the time it works. When it doesn't, sometimes I can just move my computer one to two inches and the signal will remain. This time, not so much!!! Internet: Connected. Internet: Disconnected. Internet: Connected. Internet: Disconnected. After about 2 hours of this going back and forth, I decided to try to coax it into cooperation. "Here, let's try moving you here...", "Ok, that didn't work, let's try here", "hmm, that didn't work either, let's try where you were sitting a few months ago with minimal issues." Nope...nothing worked. I even went into a co-workers office in attempt to remove as much interference as possible...she has a window...I'm in a cubicle behind a concrete wall. Still didn't work. Oh well. I just decided to deal with whatever it was when I got home from work.

We didn't do very much when I got home from work that night. Went to McDonald's for dinner (oh so bad for you...but the fries are so good!!!), made sure the R.S.V.P. list was "all inclusive"...there were a couple of names that got left off...oops...then we went for a walk to the little ice cream joint about 2 blocks away. After that, it was lazy time.

Saturday, I went tanning, he fixed the gate on the privacy fence, then we decided to take a nap. I was so tired that I fell asleep almost instantly. Woke up about 15 minutes later to some CRAZY wind!!! Quick storm blew through, then we went to church! On the way home, I picked up some baking chocolate for my girls night. Once the ladies showed up, we started baking goodies! We had a peach cobbler type thing, Ghirardelli brownies with pudding and walnuts added, lemon bars, and truffles! We had a really good time. My honey went to the bar though, because there was 'too much estrogen' in the house. LOL Here's where it kind of went downhill. While he was gone, I decided to show a couple pictures of my wedding dress to the girls. Well, I (like a nerd) left one of the pics up on my laptop. Not a big deal because he wasn't at home. My screen saver kicked in, and all of us girls sat in the dining room to chat. Michael came home, and I was going to show something to the ladies. Grabbed my laptop, unplugged it, went to the dining room, sat down, "woke" it up, and BAM. There was a picture of my wedding dress...and Michael was standing right behind me. :-( I've had my dress in "my" possession for over a year, and he's had absolutely no idea about it. I've had it ordered since November 2007, and he's had no idea about it. Then, just by me not closing a window on my computer before walking away, he sees the whole thing...veil and all. :-( I'm very, very, VERY bummed about it. More about my own stupidity...but bummed that he's already seen it. Takes the whole element of surprise out of the wedding day. Oh well...only 3 weeks to go. On a positive note, he said I looked really pretty in the picture...still...very bummed. Makes me want to get another one, but I'm not going to. I love my wedding dress...

Today was my nieces 7th birthday party! We got to go bowling!!! I haven't been in sooooooo long, and I think the best score I got out of 2 games was around...72. lol Anyhoo...I GUESS it was an ok weekend, other than him seeing my wedding dress. It's going to take me a while to get over that I think. It was good to see my family today, bro, both sisters, 2 of my nieces, one of my cousins, me and Michael were all at the bowling alley. We had a good time! The little ones are all growing up so fast...I'm excited to have my own eventually, but I'm going to want to stop them from growing...and it's not going to happen!

Goodnight everyone.


"For every minute you are angry, you lose sixty seconds of happiness."
-Author Unknown

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