Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wedding Updates

Today, we're going to cover updates on the wedding since I've already screwed around for half of my lunch and am somewhat short on time now! LOL

Church - check
Reception Hall - check (and a little less than half paid for)
DJ and song selections - check (and paid in full)
Photographer - check
Limo - check (and paid in full)
Dress - check (duh) - altered and all
Tuxedos - check (well, the guys have been measured for them anyways)
Flowers - check - and will be paid in full by the end of the month
Centerpieces - check (Thanks girls!!!)
Bridesmaid dresses - check
Hotel rooms (for us and guests) - check
Cake, topper and serving set - check
Invites mailed - check - waiting on the rest of the RSVP's...c'mon people! lol
Wedding shower - check - and what a BLAST!
Shower thank you's - working on them this weekend, so watch your mail boxes!
Card box for the reception - being created by the future father in law :-)
Hair style - check - need a trial run done so I'm sure of the time it takes though
My accessories - check, for the most part...only a couple more things to pick up.
Wedding party gifts - check
Rings - check
Honeymoon needs - check
Worship Aids - created...not printed or folded yet though
Guest book - check

Oh my...what am I missing!!! I know there's something... Probably a few me out people!!!

By the looks of it though, we're doing pretty good!!! ONLY 30 DAYS TO GO!!! OH MY GOODNESS!!!


"The Life and Soul, the man who will never go home while there is one man, woman or glass of anything not yet drunk."
-Katherine Whitehorn

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