Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The shower

So, Sunday was the wedding shower and I had a blast!!! Michael said he had a good time too which made me happy. I heard so many people as they were leaving say "This is the most fun I've had at a wedding shower!". Good job mom and sis!!! And thank you...very much. It's definitely something I will not forget...Love you both!

There was actually a surprise for me that day. Michael was fully aware and in the loop on it but managed to not let it slip! My 2 sisters made a 20 minute presentation for me. It was pictures of Michael and I as we grew up with some extra photos thrown in. Some of the extras were of my Mamaw's and great-grandma. All of which have passed away. I knew the Kleenex was on the table for a reason!!! It was so nice, and I got a copy of it from them that day too. :-) Thanks girls!

A few of the guys made it to the shower also. They were severely out numbered by the women, but they had a good time too! They were very good sports about the whole thing.

Here are a few pictures from the day:

The Cake(s) my sister made for us...aren't they awesome!??

The game we played. We had to make "wedding dresses" out of toilet paper!!! What a riot! And let me just is very warm!!! Everyone was such a good sport about it too.

Me introducing the girls! Love you all!!!

BRING ON THE GIFTS!!! LOL I will be doing a LOT of baking!!! :-)

I love these...I've wanted them since the first time I saw them at the store. Can't wait to get them on the wall!!!

Michael with his new "helmet" and "cape" LOL

If I can remember to bring it...this will be my bouquet for the rehearsal :-)

The shower was so much fun. It really made me realize how truly blessed Michael and I are. :-) Thank you everyone!!! (The cards will be sent out soon...I PROMISE!!!)


"Let all thy joys be as the month of May,
And all thy days be as a marriage day."
-Francis Quarles

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