Saturday, September 27, 2008

Very productive day today!

Well, I did more today then I thought I would. Cletus and I went to his cousins house to pick up a freezer. I hope to put at least one deer in there this year. It would be my first, and would be very exciting for me!!! I'm sorry to all you animal lovers, but I love hunting. Only been once so far, and I can't wait to do it again!!! Also, a while back, we got some raspberry bush seedlings. They sat in the little plastic pot for...oh...about a month I think. Today, I finally got them planted! Yay!

And one of them actually has berries on it!!! I hope they live through the winter though. I know it's awfully late in the season. I'm going to have to keep them covered after the first frost...we'll see if I have more of a green thumb with outdoor plants then I do with indoor plants! lol

I went to a florist in town today to check it out. I found a really cool boutonniere for the guys...I hope it's ok!!! Plus, they're only $10 each...heck yeah! I found some really nice bouquets for me and the girls too, but that will take a little more thought I think. The boutonnieres look pretty "masculine" but they're still flowers, so that's why I like them so much. I think the guys would be better wearing these than...oh...say...lillies! hahahaaa

I also washed my car today! It's the first time in at least two years that I've washed the outside of my car. Mainly because I lived in an apartment complex for two years and didn't really feel comfortable walking across the parking lot, let alone washing my car in it. I couldn't justify taking it through a car wash either. Done it before and it got all kinds of scratches on it. I'd just rather do it myself.

Tomorrow is going to be crazy busy. Church at 10:15, baptism in Waterford at 2:00, Flint for my aunt & uncles wedding anniversary party from 4-7...yay! Then, we come home...and I go to BED!!!!!!

I will do my best to post about my Godson tomorrow...y'all might have to wait though! Have a good night.


"Nothing builds self-esteem and self-confidence like accomplishment."
-Thomas Carlyle

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