Saturday, September 20, 2008

Biggest DUH! of the weekend...

Ok...a little back story first. I bought my car back in 2001. It's getting a little old, but unfortunately, that has nothing to do with this weekends fiasco. Well, about 4 or 5 years ago, I spilled some pop on the console and it got down into the gears of the gear shifter. If it was cold out, I would sit for anywhere between 5 & 10 minutes trying to get my car out of park. It was extremely annoying, and severely pissed me off. Well, about a year after the spill happened, and after I had pretty much lost my patience with it, my brother helped me pull out the console, cleaned the living daylights out of the thing, put it back together, and lo-and-behold, I could get my car out of gear again!!!

Well, just recently (by recently I mean about a year ago), I went to get my oil changed and the shifter was sticking again. The guy at the oil change place "fixed" it for me, and I was good for oh, 8 months or so. Now, for those of you that don't know, there's an override right next to the shifter. Well, back in the day, my car got repossessed and the override "magically" appeared (I had no idea it was there)...that's how the repo man got my car. Well, every time the shifter would stick, I'd use an ink pen on the override to get my car out of gear.

Enter this weekend. Cletus and I took the console out of my car again and started cleaning things, and greasing the heck out of stuff too. All the while trying to figure out why the heck the car still wouldn't come out of park! We started thinking that maybe a fuse had blown or something, but we couldn't quite figure our where or what it would have been. Then, Cletus said "well honey, I think you're s.o.l. with this one". He went to put some stuff away, and I was ready to deal with using the ink pen every time I wanted to get my car out of park. Then...a light bulb went off. A fuse. An electrical item inside the shifter probably. The fuse that we thought had blown, just needed some electricity getting to it. Hm...I have my keys in my pocket...let's see what happens when I turn the key and try to take the car out of park. POOF!!! It worked. Yeah...usually the key actually has to be in the ignition to shift without using the override. Hence the reason the repo man couldn't get my car without it...DUH!!! I felt like an idiot!!! But now, my shifter works, and I don't have to use a pen anymore :-)

Anyhoo...Cletus and I get to see my mom, my sis, my absolutely adorable niece and some really cute kitties tomorrow!!!

Have a great weekend!


"When you look at your life, the greatest happiness's are family happiness's."
-Joyce Brothers

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