Friday, June 8, 2012

Ultimate Body

I started a board on Pinterest and called it "Ultimate Body". I've been wanting to get myself back into shape for a pretty long time, and have just been too stinking lazy to do it. Well...this week I started. FOR GOOD! I'm done feeling frumpy. I want to feel GREAT about my body again! I'm happy with it as it is considering I've had two kids and a lot of people tell me that they wouldn't know if I didn't tell them.

Anyways...getting back to wedding weight is my goal. I felt FANTASTIC when Michael and I got married. I was 100% comfortable in my skin and was not embarrassed to show off my shape in my bikini on our honeymoon.

My plan is to exercise Monday, Wednesday and Friday with random walking/swimming at least one of the other two days. This week, I've worked out all three of those days! The kids LOVE to be outside, so I might count moving my lilacs as my extra workout since I want to get them off of the hill that they're on. get my eating under control. I'm not doing too bad, but I know I can do better.

Enjoy the beautiful weather out there!!!

God bless!

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