Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Things One Can Accomplish...

When you stay off of your computer, and your husband (or significant other) gets home from work super early...

This was my to-do list today. Clean the 1/2 bath and full bath, sweep, vacuum the living room, stairs, and upstairs, stuff diapers, clean the kitchen, dust, clean the living room, clear off the stairs, cut out my quilt pieces, put away bottles, and put away the stack of coupons that have been staring me in the face.

Now, to a normal every day person, that to-do list may not seem that daunting. Probably three to four hours of  uninterrupted work. Throw a couple of toddlers in the mix and it's all over, though! Obviously, a couple of them seem relatively putting away the bottles and coupons. Those only took a couple of minutes each.

When I put Justin down for his nap at 10:00, I got cracking! I started in the half bath so that I could get that completely cleaned and get the door closed if he was to wake up early. I think I spent about 45 minutes in there, while Julia played very nicely by herself in the living room. Occasionally, she would come and check on me to see what I was doing. I've never seen someone so enthused about cleaning the toilet!!! Once that was done, I started the dusting (focusing on things that were on the hard floors), then the sweeping. In the middle of my floor sweeping fury, I had to stop and make lunch for the little miss. Got her all situated, and kept moving! Once I got to the point that I had to start sweeping the kitchen, I switched gears, picked up all of the Lock'N'Locks, and scrubbed down the counters and the stove so that I wasn't dropping crumbs onto a clean floor. Plus, this allowed the wee one to finish eating lunch (and hence, creating a mess on the floor) before I swept it all. See? There is always a method to my madness!

Julia was taking a little longer with lunch than I expected, so I decided to pick up the living room for one of three times today. By the time I finished that, she was done eating, so I changed her diaper, got her dressed and put her down for her nap. It was shortly after 12:00. I finished dusting the living room, then swept the kitchen floor and put the coupons away. Just a bit later, Michael had gotten home, and even though both kids were awake, I could really work uninterrupted!!!

I started with putting the bottles away...I needed something easy at this point. LOL We all went outside as a family to get the garden all set up with 2X4's and fishing line for the vine-like plants. It was a disastrous tangled mess last year so I had to do it differently this year. After that, I headed upstairs with the vacuum cleaner, and he stayed with the kids downstairs. I think it took me an hour to vacuum the upstairs...I moved EVERYTHING. You wouldn't have known that we emptied the canister on the vacuum before I started, either. It was gross. I made a mental note to never let it get that bad again.

I turned my focus to the storage area that used to be our stairs, and our bedroom wound up looking like a bomb had gone off with all of the stuff I stacked on the bed. A few things got re-organized in the process as well. Michael made dinner, and we all ate. After that, I got back into my groove. I finished the upstairs - putting things back where they belong - and moved on to the stairway. That only took about 5 minutes to vacuum. Thankfully we had the gate set up so I wasn't fighting with two little climbers.

Michael took Julia outside for a bit, I was in the house with just the little man so I tackled vacuuming the living room. Now...if you know me, you know I am borderline OCD with my vacuuming. I have to do it a certain way or else it will drive me NUTS. And don't even get me started on when people walk on it immediately. Anyways...I cleared the floor and got moving. It takes me 15-20 minutes to vacuum a piece of carpet that's maybe 13X14 and half covered with furniture. And that's when I DON'T move the furniture! Anyways. I finished and took Justin outside for a bit to enjoy the fresh air some more too.

Michael brought it to my attention that it was bed time and I thought to myself 'holy cow, where did the time go???'. I headed upstairs with the little man, changed him, gave him his bottle, laid him down and tackled the full bath.

It was a long, tiring day. I'm not exhausted which I find odd... I feel accomplished. Good even. As I sit here looking at the last two things on my list - stuffing diapers and cutting quilt pieces - I really want to stay up to do them, but I think I will let them wait until tomorrow. They will be high priority!

Sorry if this came out as a jumbled rambling mess...

God bless!

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