Wednesday, June 27, 2012

16 Blogging Prompts

So, I was visiting over at Jenna's Journey again this morning, and I came across this post when perusing yesterday's Commenting Challenge post again. I will have to keep this one handy so that I can have something to fall back on in case I start having a writer's block WEEK again!

Thanks for the ideas, Jenna!

God bless,


Jaibee said...

Thanks, again, Stacy, for the link! I'm thinking I'm going to have to read Jenna's blog on a permanent basis! :)

Question: WHERE do you find time to blog??? I'm having difficulty and I don't have two little munchkins. I miss them! :) You and Michael might have to go on another date sometime soon! ;)

Stacy B. said...

No prob, Jenn! I'm enjoying it, too!

As for time to blog, well...I blog before the kids get up sometimes. Or, if they're both eating, I sit at the table with them, and try to get some things started. Sometimes (like today), they actually nap at the same time, so I can sit down and write a little then as well. The posts from earlier this morning were before they woke up, and during breakfast. :-) Now, I'm about to do my "Day 3" post! Provided the kids don't start fighting naps like mad people.

We'll let you know when we need you again. We like to spread the kiddie love out! My mom is watching them the next time we go out, and Michael's parents are watching them the time after that! You're still on our list, though!