Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A New Challenge - Day 3

Hi there, welcome back! As most of you know, I'm participating in the 3rd Annual Commenting Challenge at Jenna's Journey for the first time this year, and as of tonight, we'll already be half way through! If you're new to my blog, and are interested in this challenge, click on the link above to see what it's all about!

Welcome to Day 3! Our topic today is two-fold:

Tell us about your social media! Where can we find you? Link to your twitter, pinterest, Facebook, instagram, or google +. If you don't use these sites, then tell us why not!

Also, what are your favorite websites? Are there any that you check daily? What do you like about them?

Well, this one has a lot of questions, too! Let's break it down again!
Tell us about your social media! Where can we find you? Link to your twitter, pinterest, Facebook, instagram, or google +. Well! I don't use Twitter, Instagram, or Google+. I just never really got into them! They don't really appeal to me. However, I use Pinterest and Facebook like it's going out of style!

My Pinterest boards cover everything from party planning, to every day foods, kid stuff, crafts, and making clothes.

I use Facebook both personally, and for my little side crochet deal. It's very slow moving, but it keeps me busy when I do start getting orders. :-)  I adore crocheting, so it's nice to have this as a fallback.

Also, what are your favorite websites? Oh man...along with Pinterest and Facebook, I like Babycenter, Ravelry, Goodreads, Swagbucks, and of course Blogger!

On Babycenter, I'm actually a Group Owner on my July 2011 birth club, as well as a couple of other small groups (Picture Banners - this one is a private group, Amateur and Beyond Photography - I'm only a Group Owner here to help the weekly photo contests run smoothly). I usually hop onto Babycenter a few times a day just to make sure things are running smoothly in my groups.

Ravelry I only check every once in a while. If I'm looking for a certain pattern, though, I can spend HOURS there. It's like a black hole...I have so many projects that I want to do, and not nearly enough time!

Goodreads gets checked three times a week at most. I have about 25 books on my "to-read" list, and again...not nearly enough time! If I could crochet, read, and blog at the same time, I would be a happy camper! That requires more than the two hands that I have, though, so it ain't gonna happen! HA!

Swagbucks is an AWESOME site! It gives out points to be used towards anything in their SwagStore. I use it to redeem $5 Amazon gift cards. I've earned over $150 in gift cards so far! It's allowed me to get $75 off of the double stroller that we now have, along with getting money off of many, MANY other purchases! You should come check it out! Just click on the link above, and sign up. It's totally free! All you have to do is use their search engine instead of Yahoo, Google, etc., and you'll gain points to use towards your purchases!

Blogger...well...I check at least once a day, just quickly to check for new comments and the visitors that I've gotten that day.

How are my fellow Comment Challengers doing??? Are you all enjoying it as much as I am?

God bless,


Rachel said...

Hi! my name is Rachel popping over from Jenna's Journey.


April Jech said...

found you on the commenting challenge! how wonderful is it that you crochet! my great-grandmother was a heck of a crochet-er and knitter and NONE of us g-grandkids picked it up from her.

saw you're a july 2011 momma! I'm currently carrying a july 2012 baby! can't stinking wait to meet him!!

Stacy B. said...

April, I LOVE to crochet! It's super easy once you get the hang of it. You should give it a shot. :-)

Good luck with your July baby! Mine will be one tomorrow. Yep, he's a true firecracker baby, born on the 4th of July! :-)

God bless!