Thursday, February 12, 2009

Making some changes.

This morning, I decided I was going to make some changes in order to maintain myself until the wedding. By that I mean maintain my health and my weight. Back when I was living in my apartment, I was up at the crack of dawn to work out, and had pretty much taken on a 'raw' food...regime...if you would. I was eating mainly only fruits and vegetables, with the occasional eggs and toast in the morning, and pasta or chicken at night. I would snack on tortilla chips or wheat thins also, but a bag of chips or box of crackers would last me a few weeks. I stuck pretty strictly to suggested serving sizes when I would eat anything that wasn't fruits or veggies. Well, I really need to get back to here's what I decided, starting this Sunday:

1) No more coffee - I started drinking it again recently mixing cocoa with it. It was really yummy with raspberry cocoa!!!
2) No more tea - I don't drink it very often, so it won't be too hard.
3) No more chocolate - Again, I don't have it very often, so it won't be hard. Besides, milk chocolate makes me break out, so I usually have dark chocolate (yumm!), or white chocolate which is really candy.
4) No more candy - Help me Lord with this one!!! I LOVE those little candy hearts they have for Valentine's Day...and heath bars, sprees, sweet tarts, fruit slices, spearmint life savers, skittles, twizzlers...anything fruity really. I am still allowing myself gum though.
5) No more snacking - I don't really do it very often (sounding like a broken record now), but snacking at night is my weakness...chips or popcorn at oh, 8 or so, especially when watching American Idol...yeah...gotta stop.

I've already started getting back into the habit of getting up and working out in the morning. Right now, it's 3 times a week but I want to get back to 5 days, Monday through Friday. I felt SO MUCH BETTER when I was eating right and exercising. I also need to start getting to bed earlier. I need to be in bed by 9 every night, and that hasn't been happening. Time to get my butt in gear!!! My motivation...I have a size 6 wedding gown that I have to fit into in 93 days!!! LOL That, and I look at old pics of me even from about 4 or 7 years ago and I don't like what I see. I wasn't huge, but I could have looked a lot better.

Wish me luck!!!


"Happiness lies, first of all, in health."
-George William Curtis, Lotus-Eating

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