Friday, February 6, 2009

It's official...

I am officially a peon. Not that I care...but there are 6 people in my department at work, and 4 have offices, while me and my counterpart are in the cubicle farm all alone! Oh well, like I said, I don't care. Today is way too quiet though. I'm the only one in the cubicle farm!!! My counterpart has the day off. I can jam the music though, so that's ok! hahaa My brain feels like mush from the last few weeks here, and it's hard to concentrate on anything really.

This weekend, Cletus and I are going to Kinde. We haven't been there in what seems like forever, but I think it's only been a couple of months. There's a wild game dinner tomorrow night and I'm really looking forward to it!

On the wedding front...I have my first dress fitting (YAY!!!!) on February 12th, and I'm excited but dreading it at the same time. I put on about 10 pounds over the holidays and haven't managed to shed more than 3 or 4 pounds of that off...grr... Time to get back to my fruits and veggies like I was doing before, and back to exercising on a daily basis. I was doing really good with that when I was living in my apartment, but as soon as I moved into the house, it all went out the window. Living with someone that has such different eating habits, and such a high metabolism is really a test of your will power...time to get mine in check!!! Back on track now...I'm planning on having all of my girls and the moms over to work on getting the ribbons on the candles, and creating the floral rings for the centerpieces. I absolutely love how the first one turned out, and can't wait to see how the other color combinations go!!! Oh yeah...and trying to put together a candle ring with individual flower stems...disaster. It's not going to happen. Cletus and I went back to the store (yes, Cletus went to a craft store with me, what a guy!!!), and I got 16 more vines so I will have enough to make them all out of those instead of those pesky individual flowers!

Anyhoo...I get a long lunch today, and I'm going to screw around for the rest of it!


"The finest emotion of which we are capable is the mystic emotion."
-Albert Einstein

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