Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Best Quote EVER!!!!!!!!

I was sitting with Cletus watching House last night...

A little background...Husband and wife are bed shopping. He liked the pillow top mattress, she liked the firmer one. One was $1,900, the other was $1,500 or something like that. The wife got a "911" page from her office and had to leave. She told her husband to get whichever one he wanted to get. Husband talked to House, House said to buy the one he wanted, but instead, the husband bought the one the wife wanted. A little later, the husband and wife are at home and are about to 'test out' the new mattress. The wife gets irritated that the husband bought the mattress that she wanted after specifically telling him to get the one he wanted.

Now to the good stuff...House needed to "think" so he went to lay the mattress store where the husband was shopping for a new bed. The said a few things back and forth then the husband walks over to House and says:
"I want a water bed. I've always wanted a water bed. Something about being rocked to sleep on water."

Blank stares from House, no comments or anything.

So the husband says (and this is the best quote EVER!!!) "What? No mocking? Nothing about how a water bed is really a big vagina I want to crawl into?"

I was cracking up so hard!!! Cletus chuckled a little bit, but I thought it was absolutely hilarious!!!!!


"I took a deep breath and listened to the old bray of my heart. I am. I am. I am."
-Sylvia Plath


Jaibee said...

Yeah, that was a good episode, but Wilson and Amber (the Evil Bitch) aren't married. They are just living in sin.... :)

I did love the quote where she said, "Hello? Do you know me? You should have known that I will get what I want and can take care of myself." Heehee, a zero BS woman. I love it.

Peanut Publications said...

Yeah, that part was pretty good too! I just really enjoy that show. House is so blunt on just about everything he's very entertaining!!!