Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Unexpected

We've all thought about it, tried to prepare for it, thought about what we would do if it ever happened to us... However, sometimes, we don't really have to deal with it. The "worst case scenario" that you always prepare for, yet hope for the best.

Then, you get hit with something totally unexpected that you can never prepare yourself for. The death of a loved one way too too young of an age. Back in May 2009, a very dear friend of mine, Adam, passed away from cancer. He was too young, but too special for the living world...

Just this past Monday, my family was rocked with the shocking news that my aunt had passed away. Too young...again. She was an amazing woman. She could always make you laugh or smile even if you wanted to cry. I'll never forget one of our trips to Cedar Point. Having a conversation at Cracker Barrel, and realizing that the next table was eaves dropping. Out of nowhere, my aunt said "BANANA!" really loud. The looks we got from that table were priceless, and we were cracking up! She used the word "spit" a lot...and it always made me chuckle.

My heart is breaking for my uncle, their two daughters, and the rest of the family. Please...if you love someone, let them know. All the time. They won't be around forever...I didn't tell her often enough that I loved her. I still do, always will, but now...

God bless,