Wednesday, July 4, 2012

It's Independence Day!

Not only is it the day that we celebrate our Independence, it is also the day that my little family gets to celebrate our son's birthday! Our little firecracker...our little "all American boy". :-)

One year ago today, Justin decided to join us in a fast and furious way. By this time last year, he had already been keeping us company for almost six hours. He was 7lbs 10oz, 19 3/4" long, and absolutely perfect! We're going for is one year check up very soon, but based on my estimates, and standing him up against Julia's growth marks, he's about as tall as she was at 16 months old, and probably weighs darn near 30 lbs!!! He's our little hoss, and our future line backer.

Here is is the day he was born...

Meeting his sister for the first time...

And one year old! My little big boy!!!

God bless, and Happy Independence Day!

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Chell... said...

Aw!!! A very happy birthday to the little guy! And a happy fourth to you and your family!