Sunday, February 27, 2011

Birthday Activities

As you can see by my post yesterday, it was my birthday. It turned out to be a pretty darn good day!!! My sister, BIL and adorable niece came over to babysit while Michael and I went out. My sister got me a great gift...see...when I was little, I had a Velveteen Rabbit stuffed animal. You know, the one from the story! Anyways...we were on a trip to Alabama, and when we were on our way home, I left the bunny at a hotel. We tried to track it down, but either the hotels didn't have it, or wouldn't ship it. I don't remember exactly how it went. It was pretty traumatic for me because I LOVED that bunny!!! Anyways...guess what I got for my birthday from her??!! You guessed it...a Velveteen Rabbit! It was so cool!!!

I mentioned that we were going to a dinner that our church was putting on last night, and I knew that Michael had made "arrangements" for all of the people there to sing "Happy Birthday" to me. What I didn't know, was that he went out of his way to pick up a cake, with the big "3 & 0" candles to put on top, drop it off at the church, and have it presented to me while I was standing up in front of about 70 other couples!!! Thankfully, there were 2 other people celebrating their birthdays yesterday (not sure if it was their actual birthday), so I wasn't totally alone up on that stage! It was so sweet! And the cake that he got...was DELISH! A very good girlfriend of mine and her new hubby were also there last night. It was so good to see them! They just got married 7 weeks ago! The 4 of us participated in the skit immediately following the "presentation of cakes and song". That was kind of strange for me...because I really don't like being the center of attention...but it was fun! We had a really good time.

Anywho. I need to get ready for church now!

God bless =)

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Dirty Thirty

Ok, so maybe not dirty, but today...I turned 30 years old! AAAHHH! Michael and I are going on our church's Valentine's Day dinner "cruise", so that should be fun! Oh, and I see some SHOPPING in my future!!! Heheheheehee

Anyways...Julia is growing like a weed. I still can't believe she'll be one in a week and a half!!! Here's our big girl!

As for the tot, all is well so far! Other than baby laying frank breech (butt down), everything is fine! =)

God bless,

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

To-do list...

My "To-Do" list seems to be growing on a daily basis. I have so much that I want to get done, and not enough nap time in the day! Well...there probably is enough nap time in the day, I just need to get my butt off this silly computer and in gear!

Here's what I need to do:
~Finish crocheting the sweater I've started for my girlfriend K's baby girl (she's a little over a month old now).
~Finish the photo slide show for Julia's first birthday.
~Contact the 12 or 13 people that STILL haven't let us know if they will be attending said birthday party (we requested an RSVP date of 2/26, and they were sent out nearly a week and a half ago).
~Scour the baby name book I just bought in hopes of finding a couple of cute baby names.
~Work on the baby blanket for baby #2 (another crochet project).
~Work on a blanket for my sister (yet another crochet project).
~Fix the hem on one of the 2 curtains that I just hemmed. It looks silly, though it does get the job done.
~Sew tie backs for aforementioned curtains.
~Rearrange the kitchen cabinets.
~Organize the silly linen closet upstairs.
~Keep the house clean.
~Find a "formal" maternity dress for Michael's graduation in a little over a month.
~Keep up with my blog.

Oh...and somewhere in the middle of all that...I have to take care of this little doll!!!
I <3 her. =)
Now someone give me motivation to finish this stuff!!! Heheee

God bless.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It's about to warm up...

...and we had our first run-in with a bug yesterday.

See...we use cloth diapers for Julia, and since she's on solids now, we have to put the poo in the toilet before washing. Well...I saw her trying to get at something on the hard wood floor, so I went over to investigate. It looked like a little piece of poo, so rather than move her away, go get a wipe, and then get rid of it, I just reached down and wiped it up with my finger. (Hey...I can wash my hands!) Well...I go into the bathroom to wash my hands and realize that it was in fact a small spider. EEW. I strongly dislike spiders. They are the arch nemesis. It was gross. I guess I have to get used to all the gross creepy crawlies coming out of the wood work though. It's going to be getting warmer soon. Time to put my big girl panties back on, and deal with them for my daughters' sake!

Have a great day's sunny, and the skies are blue here!

God bless

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Time...SLOW DOWN!!!

I have one small request...and that is to have time slow down just a little bit for about a month. I don't know where this year has gone, and even though I've been home with Julia since September, I feel like I've missed so much! I can't believe our beautiful baby girl is going to be ONE YEAR OLD in just under a month! HELP!!!

We still have mounds of snow on the ground (probably a good 6" still), and it's really pretty...but. I love the blue skies and sunshine we've been having lately. I absolutely love snow, but I can't wait to get Julia outside to go for walks again. It will help me keep my weight gain in check also. I guess maybe I'm just going stir crazy...catching cabin fever...whatever you want to call it. I want to get OUT of the house!!! 2 hours of wake time (Julia's wake time) isn't really enough to get out and go "shopping", especially when she spends at least 30-45 minutes eating. Ah well...maybe a walk will be in order on Wednesday. It's supposed to be in the 40's, and if I use my sling, she'll be nice and snugly warm!

Tot update: We had an ultrasound yesterday at 18 weeks. Everything checks out great! Measuring right on time, and in the 50th percentile for size and weight-baby weighs about 9oz right now (which in NO way explains my whopping 13lb weight gain!!!). Here are pictures for your viewing pleasure!

Alien baby!!!

Profile 1 - arm below the chin

Profile 2 - hand in front of the mouth

Profile 3 - if you look close, you can see the legs stretched out on the right side, and the feet pushing up as high and as hard as possible!

I hope you all are having an enjoyable weekend.

God bless!

Thursday, February 3, 2011


At least that's what everyone is calling it! We had a pretty good snow storm that started Tuesday night, and went through Wednesday afternoon. Thankfully, we weren't in the line of ice that went through! Here are some pics...

Find the driveway and the road...

Somewhere in this picture are landscaping blocks, a flower bed frame (below the pine tree), and a ditch...

A small drift next to the shed...

Notice the line about 1/3 of the way up, running across the middle of the picture. There's actually supposed to be about an 8" drop off, but it's "masked" by all the snow!

I was actually somewhat disappointed when I got up Wednesday morning to see only about 6 or 7" of snow on the ground. They were calling for upwards of 14". snowed until almost noon on Wednesday, and we ended up with about 10" total! It's so pretty...I love, love, LOVE snow! Not enough to live in Alaska...but enough to love where I do live!

I also had an appointment today. Everything is checking out great! Tot is growing, I got to hear the heart thumping along, and I have my next ultrasound scheduled for next week! I can't believe I'm almost halfway through this pregnancy already...CRAZY!

Anyways...Stay safe, and stay warm!

God bless!