Tuesday, February 22, 2011

To-do list...

My "To-Do" list seems to be growing on a daily basis. I have so much that I want to get done, and not enough nap time in the day! Well...there probably is enough nap time in the day, I just need to get my butt off this silly computer and in gear!

Here's what I need to do:
~Finish crocheting the sweater I've started for my girlfriend K's baby girl (she's a little over a month old now).
~Finish the photo slide show for Julia's first birthday.
~Contact the 12 or 13 people that STILL haven't let us know if they will be attending said birthday party (we requested an RSVP date of 2/26, and they were sent out nearly a week and a half ago).
~Scour the baby name book I just bought in hopes of finding a couple of cute baby names.
~Work on the baby blanket for baby #2 (another crochet project).
~Work on a blanket for my sister (yet another crochet project).
~Fix the hem on one of the 2 curtains that I just hemmed. It looks silly, though it does get the job done.
~Sew tie backs for aforementioned curtains.
~Rearrange the kitchen cabinets.
~Organize the silly linen closet upstairs.
~Keep the house clean.
~Find a "formal" maternity dress for Michael's graduation in a little over a month.
~Keep up with my blog.

Oh...and somewhere in the middle of all that...I have to take care of this little doll!!!
I <3 her. =)
Now someone give me motivation to finish this stuff!!! Heheee

God bless.

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AmbyLand said...

Hi My name is Amber and I have a 28 month old and a 13 month old. I see you are about to be wearing similar shoes :)

What a cute little girl you have!