Saturday, February 12, 2011

Time...SLOW DOWN!!!

I have one small request...and that is to have time slow down just a little bit for about a month. I don't know where this year has gone, and even though I've been home with Julia since September, I feel like I've missed so much! I can't believe our beautiful baby girl is going to be ONE YEAR OLD in just under a month! HELP!!!

We still have mounds of snow on the ground (probably a good 6" still), and it's really pretty...but. I love the blue skies and sunshine we've been having lately. I absolutely love snow, but I can't wait to get Julia outside to go for walks again. It will help me keep my weight gain in check also. I guess maybe I'm just going stir crazy...catching cabin fever...whatever you want to call it. I want to get OUT of the house!!! 2 hours of wake time (Julia's wake time) isn't really enough to get out and go "shopping", especially when she spends at least 30-45 minutes eating. Ah well...maybe a walk will be in order on Wednesday. It's supposed to be in the 40's, and if I use my sling, she'll be nice and snugly warm!

Tot update: We had an ultrasound yesterday at 18 weeks. Everything checks out great! Measuring right on time, and in the 50th percentile for size and weight-baby weighs about 9oz right now (which in NO way explains my whopping 13lb weight gain!!!). Here are pictures for your viewing pleasure!

Alien baby!!!

Profile 1 - arm below the chin

Profile 2 - hand in front of the mouth

Profile 3 - if you look close, you can see the legs stretched out on the right side, and the feet pushing up as high and as hard as possible!

I hope you all are having an enjoyable weekend.

God bless!


Bellva said...

Congratulations on your pregnancy and your baby's 1 year birthday! Time goes by so fast when you are experiencing new things!

Peanut Publications said...

Thank you! It really does...I'm not even ready to know what life will be like with 2! =)

Chell... said...

My nephew was a year and 5 months when his sister came into the world last August. Watching them together now is one of the most amazing things ever! The relationship they are building day to cute!

Take care!

Peanut Publications said...

Chell - That's one thing that I'm really looking forward to! Julia already LOVES other babies. She just wants to check out every single inch of them. It's so cute...