Sunday, July 18, 2010

Baptized in Christ...

Sunday, July 11, we had our baby girl baptized.  It was something I had been looking forward to for quite a while.  I anxiously awaited the day that we would be seeing that water pour over her head "In the name of The Father, The Son, and of The Holy Spirit".  I had this mental image of how the day would 'go down'.  We would head to church for the 12:15 mass, and possibly deal with a crabby baby (due to it being nap time), but then she would fall asleep, and sleep through the baptism which started at 1:30.  Well...that's NOT how it went!!!  LOL

We went to the 12:15 mass as originally planned.  Julia fought sleep for the first 30 minutes of mass (mass is approximately one hour), but then finally fell asleep about 5 minutes before Communion.  She slept for the last little bit of mass, and until we got into the social hall to change her diaper and clothes.  We got her in her pretty little white gown and headed back into church.  This is where it gets good...

There were two babies being baptized that day, and we all headed out to the narthes with the Deacon to answer the first few questions that are asked of the parents and godparents.  Almost every time the Deacon started talking, Julia would start talking with him.  She cooed and gurgled like crazy.  It was so funny!  The "talking" on Julia's part continued throughout the ceremony.  Occasionally it elevated into screaming and crying (she was, after all, very tired AND getting hungry). 

When it was our turn to head to the front to have her baptized, she had calmed down just enough to be tolerable. They anointed her with the oil, which she didn't mind much at all, but when it came to the water...oh, she wanted nothing to do with it! That's when the wheels officially came off. She started screaming...screaming! I finally got her calmed back down when it was the other baby's turn. She was ok for the rest of the baptism, but was more than ready to eat (understandably) before we actually left the church.

We headed back to the house afterwards for a little picnic with the family. All in all, it was a good day! And Julia smelled GREAT for DAYS!!! I love the smell of chrism oil. =)

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