Friday, July 9, 2010

Prayer requests, and a Baby J update!

There are a few people very close to me that are going through some trying times.  I ask that anyone coming across my blog keep them in your thoughts and prayers.  (RL, MO, PR, JM, DL, JK)

Little Miss Julia had her 4 month well check yesterday. I can't believe it's already been 4 months. Seems like only yesterday that we brought her home, and I was able to be with her every day...I miss those days... =(

Anyways! On to the update.  When we got back into the room, we started the usual routine of stripping her down so she could be weighed.  Now...Michael and I have looked at her numerous times over the last few weeks baffled at how big she's gotten!  I realize that babies grow, but seriously.  I looked at her one day and thought "your head used to be smaller than my hand!!!"  I placed her on the scale, and the nurse worked out the conversion.  (They weigh babies in kg I think)  She said "12 pounds 2 ounces!"  WOW!!!  This little chunky monkey has gained 7lbs since she was born...that's another whole baby!  I then laid her on the table so the nurse could mark above her head and at her heel for the length measurement - 23 3/4".  A whole 2 1/2" longer than at her 2 month well check!  All from mommy too!  I'm so proud  =)  She is finally making her way up the charts for length and weight - from barely 10th percentile 2 months ago, to 25th percentile this month - and her head is still ahead of the curve at 75th percentile.  The hubby and I are definitely getting some pretty toned arms thanks to our little 12 pounder.  Her ears are back to normal (from an ear infection in both ears a few weeks back), heart, lungs, eyes, etc all check out fine!

Here are a couple of pictures for your enjoyment:

The first one is Julia at 4 days old, and the last 2 were taken July 5th.  Sorry the last one is blurry...she's a little wiggle worm!!!

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