Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Time Warp Tuesday!

Well, at the suggestion of a very good friend of mine (love you, girl!), today's TWT entry will flash back to October 2007 when my mom and I went to Ireland.  It was a GREAT trip...I can't wait to go back...

TWT Entry #5:
Mom and I took a walking tour of Kinsale.  It was quite possibly one of the neatest little towns - and by far the most colorful - I have ever seen.  Every year they have a contest between themselves and surrounding towns to see who is the "cleanest".  For this contest, nearly EVERY building gets repainted!  There's one paint store in Kinsale, and man...that lady must make a killing when this contest comes around!  This is a picture of a two lane road...yes...TWO LANE ROAD called Chariman's Lane.  There was a young lady in a "Learners" vehicle (you can tell by the capital "L" sticker in the windshield and rear window) that came around the corner to head down this hill.  She was grinning from ear to ear!  It was funny!

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