Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day, and a Lil J update

So, yesterday was Mother's Day!  Happy Mother's Day to all of the mommies out there!  My first Mother's Day was pretty good!  I got a card in the mail from one of my sisters, one of my best girlfriends, and my mom.  I loved them all!  They're still sitting on the table.  =)  Michael also got me a very sweet card and signed it from him and Julia.  Inside, there was a gift card for the little spa that opened up just down the street, and I CAN'T WAIT to use it!!!  They do manicures, pedicures, facials and massages!  Wahoo!  My mom also came over and spent most of the day here, and brought me some gorgeous flowers.  It was intended to be a "HELP ME WITH MY FUSSY BABY" visit, but Julia was wonderful the whole time.  Go figure!  I also got a T-shirt from my other sister that says "New Mom 2010".  It's really cute, and I wore it yesterday!  Michael and I got dinner from Panera, and later in the evening, he gave me a quick foot massage.  It was so nice...

And now for the update on Lil J...she is growing SO much!  I just can't get over it.  She was 5lbs 2oz and 18" at birth (even though I think 18" was pretty generous...), but when I took her to her 2 month appointment at 9 this morning, she was 9lbs 2oz, and 21 1/2" long!  I couldn't believe when the nurse said she was over 9lbs!  Sheesh...little piglet...LOL  Anyways.  Today she got her first round of vaccines.  I wasn't looking forward to her getting poked - yet again.  Granted, this wasn't a poke like the biliruben testing.  That was actually a little slice in her heel to draw blood.  This was "just" needles.  Well, she got 2 pokes in her left leg, and one in her right.  When the first needle went in, she screamed...the purple-faced-breath-holding scream.  I had to blow in her face a couple of times to get her to breathe again...poor thing...  When she was done getting the vaccines, the nurse let me use the room for a few minutes to nurse lil J.  It helped her calm down quite a bit more.  She fell asleep (one of the side effects) on the way home, and has been sleeping pretty much ever's now going on 5:00.  Poor baby...she keeps waking up whining every once in a while, and I feel so bad!  I'm just giving her lots of extra loving today.


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