Monday, December 6, 2010


2 more days until we find out how much little Miss J has grown!  I hope she's finally above the 25th percentile...

It snowed again last night!  I will consider this one our official first snow.  We got about an inch total, it stuck around all day, and is still here!  It's so pretty.  When I got Julia up this morning, I brought her downstairs, and told her I had something to show her.  I unfastened the back curtain, and pulled it open.  She LOVED the snow!!!  This was her "second" look...

Her first reaction was the best, but I didn't get that one on camera.  As soon as I opened the curtain, she had the wide-eyed, eyebrows raised, mouth open look on her face.  It was so. stinking. cute!!!

Anyways...she has her 9 month well visit on Wednesday.  Thankfully she doesn't get any shots at this one!  Yay!

God Bless.

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