Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hitting Home...

This morning I think it finally really started to hit me that a baby is on the way. Never mind the constant feeling of little "muscle spasms" that are actually the baby moving in me...never mind the fact that over the last 19 weeks I've gained almost 10 lbs...never mind that Michael got to feel the baby last week...never mind that the nursery is all but ready for baby furniture and the baby...never mind that I've heard the heartbeat, had the pregnancy confirmed by my doctor, seen the baby moving on the ultrasound, and the fact that my next prenatal appointment is tomorrow...never mind all of that. THIS is what made it really start to hit home for me.

I asked Michael to call the hospital and set up a tour for us, and to register us for childbirth classes. This is the conversation that made it hit home. Especially when he said "We're touring at [the delivery location] on Saturday, and our classes are January 14th and February 4th at [the local location]". THAT's what got me today. I actually started to get choked up knowing that in the next 4 months, we will be holding our baby in our arms. It's still surreal, and I'm still sure I'm going to wake up from this dream one day.

I thank God every day for blessing us with this little life, and for choosing US to raise her/him. I smile every time I feel the baby move...I love this baby already so much more than he/she will ever know, and I'm so grateful that I've found the perfect man to raise my (well, our) family with!!!

That is all...

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Jaibee said...

Love you, Noodle! :)

(And Stacy & Michael, too)