Wednesday, November 4, 2009

2-10-10 or 2-10-1-10

That's all we're really hoping for, and so far, it's all good! The baby is measuring pretty accurately, heart beat is in the 150's and is strong. My health is all checking out nicely, so it's all good! I have another ultrasound next Tuesday to help rule out placenta previa, and to take all the measurements of the baby to ensure that she/he is in fact growing appropriately. This will also be THE ultrasound if we should decide to do so. At this point, we don't want to know what we're having, but I pretty much know what to look for on the screen! I'm going to do my best to "miss" that part, and we're making sure that the tech knows we don't want to know...cross your fingers that the little bugger isn't sitting there spread eagle right away!

The doc today did say that we already have a very active baby, and that is reinforced by the amount of movement I've been feeling! This kid MOVES!

Anyhoo...I need to get back to the grind...lunch is almost over!


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They are just practicing their Polka's in your belly!!!