Friday, September 11, 2009

Never Forget

Today marks the 8 year anniversary of the attacks on September 11. It was a very sad day then, and still is now. Many people lost their lives, many lost loved ones...we lost part of our country.

My sister was supposed to fly that day. She almost bought tickets for the flight that went down in PA. Thank God she didn't buy those tickets. She had just announced her pregnancy a few days before. She wound up purchasing a different flight. I can't even imagine our lives without her and my niece...there would be a huge void. Now, her daughter is almost 7 1/2, and my sister stood up in my wedding in May. IF she would have been on that plane, there would have been a spot left open for her in the bridal party. I know one thing is for sure. I would not be working on 9/11 if I had lost my sister that day. Or if we had lost any family member because of the events from that day.

God bless the families, the friends and loved ones of all that were involved in whatever way.

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