Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Labor Day!

Well today is day 3 of the 3 day weekend. I haven't done much of ANYTHING today. We've been watching the Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon and Ghost Hunters all day, I've done 2 loads of laundry, and read a little bit. Heck, I'm still in my jammies! Now, we're flipping between TV shows, and I'm watching the rain come down from the front window. The weather this weekend was wonderful. I don't think anyone could have asked for better!

Last night, my girlfriend Krystin and her fiance came over for dinner. We had a pretty good time! Girl talk, I tried on my bridesmaid dress so she could see what it looked like, and the guys played 3 or 4 games of washers. :-) There were pictures looked at, and ice cream 'sundaes' after dinner. Over all, great night!

I've been thoroughly enjoying some lazy time though. Now I just need to put my clean clothes away and go to bed! LOL I've also come to the conclusion that I'm going to stop the quotes on every post. If there's something that really strikes me, I'll post it. But, sometimes it takes me as long to find a quote as it takes me to type out an entire blog post!

Anyhoo...just a quick update. Hope you had a great weekend!

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