Thursday, August 6, 2009

Another hodge podge update...

Ok, so Cash for Clunkers was a great idea!!! But they went about it all wrong. People are trading in their old gas guzzling American cars, and getting more fuel efficient FOREIGN cars!!! What's with that??? When they started the program (or maybe when they release the $2 billion they're trying to pass now), they should say that you have to buy AMERICAN cars. You know, the big 3? The auto companies that are filing for bankruptcy, struggling left and right, and laying workers off like crazy?? C'mon...use some common sense!!! Ok, I'm done with that...nothing I can do about it. FRIDAY!!! Wahoo! The hubby and I are going to my mom and sisters place for a yummy lasagna dinner. They're having everyone over that helped them move, so I'm looking forward to it! My aunt and uncle, and one of my best girlfriends will be there also. Should be good times! And I LOVE lasagna...haven't had it since...I think this time last year when aforementioned sisters hubby was home on leave. So looking forward to that!!!

Here's an update on my sunflowers. They're growing like crazy!!!

When I originally planted them on June 20...

And here they are now! This is against a 6' privacy fence...

I wonder if I'll actually get some blooms??? I know it's pretty late in the season, but we'll see!!!

Now, I'm hoping to get back to daily updates eventually...hopefully soon. I might just have to peel myself away from Facebook!

Happy reading :-)


"In the absence of justice, what is sovereignty but organized robbery?"
-St. Augustine

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