Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sunday's Storm

So, Sunday we knew we would be getting some pretty wonderful weather (said with sarcasm since it's practically undetectable when reading...). I am not a storm person at all. I'm trying to get better at it for more than one reason right now. I know that my life isn't in danger EVERY time it storms, so why get all worked up and freaked out, right?

Well, the storm started rolling through around 8:30. We saw lots of relatively dark gray clouds coming our way confirming the storm that we were about to get hit with. Well, it started raining those big fat drops of rain, and before we knew it the wind was whipping and the rain was really coming down! Then...only 20 minutes after the storm started...the power went out. Yay. At this point, I'm TOTALLY excited to not have power! More sarcasm there. Well, the storm went on, and I couldn't sleep. I toyed around with the idea of just getting up and going to work when I got there because we don't have power but since I actually have a conscience and a work ethic, I set my phone alarm...secretly hoping that the battery would die in the middle of the night. LOL

Anyways...I was in the middle of writing another blog that night, and managed to save it into a word doc so I can transfer it easily when it's done. It's Adam's story. Way overdue, but it will be posted shortly!!!

So, here I am today. Going on the second day of getting up using my cell phone for an alarm, and a camping lantern between the shower curtain and liner to get ready for stuff. I'm already sick of not having power, and it's only 'technically' day 2. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad if I was actually SLEEPING well enough through the night...but no. Peanut isn't sleeping for crap right now...Today consists of a headache that won't go away (and I have NO TYLENOL to take), extreme exhaustion (I should have taken a nap for my lunch instead...), and a generally crappy attitude. I know I've ticked a couple of people off today and I really don't care!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's a picture of the culprit that knocked out our power...pretty huh?!?!?! Notice the brown house behind it...yeah, the tree is laying on that house and the power lines...

On a slightly less irritated note...I did get a pretty cool shot of the shadow given by my bamboo, a few random things on the entertainment center, and a candle... :-)

Also...on a MUCH HAPPIER note...I have blooms on my sunflowers!!!!!

So, keep your eyes peeled for "Adam's Story" to be posted in the next couple of days. It's going to be a long one!!!


"Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience."
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

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