Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Weird dreams...

Do you ever wonder exactly what our dreams mean? Do they really have a meaning, or are they just there? When a dream really strikes me, I wonder. I've heard that it's your sub-conscious acting out things that you would never do, or things that would never really happen...still...I wonder sometimes!!! I've also heard that if you remember the dream(s) you had the night before, it's because you woke up briefly.

For example, I had a very strange dream last night. If dreams have meanings, I have a pretty good idea now what this one means to me, but who knows for sure, right??? In this dream, I was shopping at a mall idea where though. I got kidnapped by my ex-boyfriends younger brother, some girl, and one other guy. I couldn't tell who they were though. I somehow managed to get away from them when they got in an elevator. I made my way through the store I was in and into the parking lot where my mom was standing. I tried to call my fiance, but he didn't pick up, and I told my mom I needed to find my car and leave right away. She tried to ask me a bunch of questions like 'why', 'what's going on', 'are you ok?'. So I told her again in a not so nice way that I needed to find my car and leave NOW. Then, my ex of 4 1/2 years comes out of nowhere and gives me the keys to his car pointing out where he had parked. Next thing I know, my car, being driven by (I'm guessing) someone that had some idea what was going on comes around the corner towards me, my mom, and my ex, but I still had my keys in my hand. My mom was standing between me and the car, so I was hoping they wouldn't notice/recognize/realize that it was me standing there. After they drove by, I started walking across the parking lot towards my ex's car, again trying to call my fiance. I got in, and as soon as I closed the door and locked it, someone (the 2nd guy from the kidnapping) was standing outside of the driver side door with a crowbar, and my car was now sitting behind me with someone else driving. He broke the window, pushed me into the passenger seat, and got in. My car sped away, and I woke up.

How weird is that??? It gives me the heebie jeebies just thinking about it...Oh, blogger shrinks...what do you think???

On a much happier note, we now have a location for the wedding shower!!! Yay!!!


"Pay attention to your dreams - God's angels often speak directly to our hearts when we are asleep."
-Quoted in The Angels' Little Instruction Book by Eileen Elias Freeman, 1994


Anonymous said...

Could you be telling yourself that you're marrying the wrong man? Your ex was trying to steal you away. And the one time you REALLY needed Cletus he wasn't there for you. Is he going to be there for you in the future? Or is someone from your past going to show up and steal you from him? Not literally steal, like kidnapping, but steal emotionally. Are you really still in love with an ex?

Peanut Publications said...

Interesting take...thank you for your point of view...whoever you are ;-)

To answer your questions:
"Could you be telling yourself that you're marrying the wrong man?" - No, I know I'm marrying the right man :-)
"Is he going to be there for you in the future?" - Yes, I know he will be there for me in the future.
"Or is someone from your past going to show up and steal you from him?" - Could someone show up and try to 'steal' me? Sure! Is it going to happen...not likely...I wouldn't let it.
"Or is someone from your past going to show up and steal you from him?" - Point blank - NO. I am not still in love with an ex.

Cletus Pages said...

Wow!!! I don't know who you are, but you are on crack. Marrying the wrong man??? Are you serious? I am freaking awesome, the best baby!!! I'm not just eye candy, I'm the total package, the real deal. I have an expando trailer, a car on blocks, an awesome El Camino, and a donkey named Fred. Marrying the wrong man...ha!! I think someone is just jealous of what my fiance and I have.

Merry Christmas!!!


Peanut Publications said...

First, my apologies on my original response...I copied the same question twice. It should say:

"Are you really still in love with an ex?" - Point blank - NO. I am not still in love with an ex.

Sorry bout that! lol are too funny. But it's not for your expando trailer, car on blocks, el camino and definitely NOT Fred...since you don't actually have all those items lol. I'm marrying you because when I'm with you, I feel safe. When I'm not with you...I don't feel alone. You really are my other half, and I know that God brought us togethre for a reason. I'm marrying you because you are everything I've ever wanted/needed/looked for and some. You're my LOBSTER!!! lol

Outdoorsman said...
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Outdoorsman said...

It's your subconscious telling you to prepare for every situation. Go get your CPL!!!