Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!

Last night, Cletus and I went to the Midnight Mass at church. It was amazing. The choir and band were incredible, the mass was nothing shy of wonderful... We opened our presents when we got home at 1:45 this morning!!! Good times :-)

When I got on my computer this morning and checked myspace, I saw this blog post from my cousin. He is stationed overseas right now, fighting for this wonderful country's freedom...

"Merry CHRIST-mas
hey yall... i just want to take this opportunity here to remind everyone of why this holiday, IS, in the first place... Jesus Christ our Lord and savior was born on this day... the only presents given Him were gold, frankinsence, and murr (spelling?) kingly gifts if u ask me... sure its fun to get presents... more stuff to have, more goodies to eat, thats all great, but my friends, everyone seems to forget this day for what it is... everyone gets caught up in the holiday hussle and bussle of "gotta get this for her and gotta get that for him" but really... on your birthday, who is the party for? who does everyone come to see? who gets all the attention and love and gifts?... you do because that is your day... your birthday... i feel sorrow for Jesus on this day each year, because everyone is so hyped up on themselves and their families that they forget Him all together... im not saying every single person forgets this every year... the word holiday actually means "Holy Day" the most Holiest day of the year if you ask me... or at least it should be anyways... i woke up this morning and i said "happy birthday jesus"... i didnt have snow, or trees, or anything like that to wake up to... no partys or get togethers to be at... but as a soldier away from home on christmas for the 3rd year in a row i have come to level with Jesus on this day, i feel for him... i throw my own little "happy birthday jesus party" and try to spend as much time as i can with him all day... dont get me wrong, i would love nothing less than to be home with my family and my girlfriend of 7 months on this family oriented day... i guess after all that i just ask that everyone just take a moment today and tell Jesus you love him and that you remember him on HIS DAY...

To all my family and friends back home on this wonderful Christmas day, I love you all very much, I wish you all to have fun and be happy and rejoice, "for this is the day that the lord has made, i will rejoice and be glad in it." Once again i wish i was home but yall know why im not... im out workin hard... love you all each and every one of you and make sure you pass the love on to others... Merry Christmas, see you in march :D"

I think he hit it right on with that one :-)

Merry Christmas everyone!!!


"He who has not Christmas in his heart will never find it under a tree."
-Roy L. Smith

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