Thursday, April 26, 2012

Productive couple of days over here...

Monday and Tuesday I felt really good about what I got done! Actually, I felt like a freaking mad But I got a lot accomplished.

What was on Monday's 'To-Do' list: Vacuum downstairs, dust, clean the half bath, dishes, stuff diapers, vacuum stairs, organize coupons that were on the fridge, and try to do one bedroom cleaning project. The only things that I did NOT get done was cleaning the half bath and the one bedroom cleaning project.

What was on Tuesday's 'To-Do' list: Wash diapers, dishes, clean 1/2 bath (since I didn't do it Monday), one bedroom cleaning project, sweep, wipe down counters/stove/table/microwave, strip bed and wash sheets. The only things that I didn't get done Tuesday was washing diapers and the one bedroom cleaning project.

I that bedroom up is going to be the bane of my existence!!!

I took yesterday off. I didn't do a darn thing. Michael washed diapers last night, and he did the dishes...'s 'To-Do' list is as follows (so far): Empty/reload dishwasher, wash bottles, sweep, vacuum the whole house (at the very LEAST I need to vacuum upstairs since the downstairs was done on Monday), clean the full bathroom. I'm sure I'll be adding more, but I felt pretty good for a little while on Monday and Tuesday. Unfortunately, it was short lived...which is why I took yesterday off from productivity! Ha!

God bless!

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