Wednesday, March 7, 2012

March 6, 2012

Yesterday was quite a day in the B. household. It started pretty normally, but changed quickly.

Usually Justin goes down for his first nap around 10. Well...he thought yesterday would be a great day to change that up. I got a little excited thinking that maybe, just maybe, he was starting the transition to one nap a day. He went down for his nap at 11:20, and I was expecting his usual two hour nap. Boy, was I wrong! He was up and raring to go at 11:55, five minutes before Julia was supposed to go down. He then refused his afternoon nap. So he was up from 11:55 am until bed time. At 6:30. Julia's nap went just as expected. Just a little bit shorter than normal.

Fast forward to a little later in the evening. Michael got home from work, we ate dinner, and had Julia sit on the potty for a few minutes. She went #2 (yay!!!), so we gave her a little bit of a granola bar as a treat. It was one of those chocolate peanut butter chewy granola bars. A few minutes after we gave it to her, we noticed that Justin had something in his mouth. I went in the living room and saw this glob of food...guess what it was! A HUGE chunk of the granola bar we gave Julia! PEANUT my 8 month old's mouth! Eek! We kept an eye on him for a bit to make sure he didn't start reacting to it - which he didn't.

This is when it starts getting good. We're in the middle of trying to get ready for Julia's birthday party this weekend, and I was clearing some of the stuff off of the table. Michael was in the living room with the kids - holding Justin, and Julia was on the couch. All of a sudden, I hear this "SMACK" and Michael said "oh no!" I ran to the living room and Julia was frantically trying to turn herself over after rolling off of the couch and onto the Little People play house she has. I ran to her, looked at her and all I could see was blood in her mouth. I picked her up as fast as I could and all I could think was one of her teeth got knocked out. I freaked and yelled "It's her teeth!!! We have to take her to the doc!". Michael had a diaper bag packed in about two minutes flat, and we were about to run out the door. I picked Julia up, grabbed a wash cloth, ran it under cold water and started wiping away the blood. I *gently* touched each of her front teeth to make sure they weren't loose. Then I looked at her poor little lip. No loose teeth, no missing teeth...just a good sized 'bruise' (maybe a blood blister?) on the underside of her lip where it meets the gums. I told Michael "I don't think we have to take her in..." However, since we had already gotten her all ready to go for a 'ride', he took her with him to put gas in my car. Everything seemed to be going fine when he got home, and Julia was back to playing, running, and acting like a little maniac so we decided to just keep an eye on her.

I think Michael and I checked on her 6 times before we went to bed. I checked on Justin a few times too, just because of the peanut butter issue.

*sigh* ...and so it begins...

God bless!

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