Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I hope you're ready!!!

Here goes. The photo overload! I'm just going to start in January this year. Otherwise, this post would be 5 miles long (rather than 4), and I don't want to bore anyone with that many pictures! They're not perfect - some are blurry, some are get the idea...

First up, the absolutely most adorable little girl on the planet!

 ~~Cute little smile~~

~~Her model pose~~

~~Coloring with daddy~~

~~Silly face~~

~~Beautiful baby~~

 ~~Cheese face!~~

~~In her big girl bed~~

 ~~Playing in the snow~~

~~Being silly again~~

~~Cutie patootie~~

~~Wearing a shirt she got for her first birthday~~

And now on to the cutest little boy to ever crawl on the planet!

~~Did you say something?~~

~~Cutie pie~~

~~What IS that???~~


~~Check me out mom, I can roll AND touch my toes~~

~~Waking up happy from a nap!~~

~~Let's see if I can figure out this whole crawling thing...~~


~~More pictures?~~

~~Really, mom? Please...~~

~~ :-) ~~

~~More smiles!~~

God bless!

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