Thursday, April 7, 2011

Idol Rant

Yes, I watch American Idol, and can I just say I am BAFFLED by tonights results!!! The only save that the judges get for the entire season was wasted a couple of weeks ago on, Pia, the favorite of just about everyone (including myself!) is going home????? WTH? Seriously. I hope the judges feel like crap for wasting their save now that the best contestant out of all of them is gone!!! Oh well, she'll get a record deal and be more famous than whoever wins...

I'm in shock...have a good night blog world...

God bless,


LaurenWeber84 said...

Hey Stacy! Just checking out your blog. It's so cute!

I feel ya on the Pia thing...I don't really keep up with it too much, but she's who I picked to win from the beginning! Silly America.

Hope to see you soon!
xox, Lauren

Diapers,wipes and bubble baths said...

I am still just in shock that pia was off.. i mean some of the others can sing but gah she could really belt it out. i love casey abrams but it would be nice if they couldve saved pia. on regis and kelly she said she was working on a record deal but nothing was for sure yet. so thats something ill definately be looking forward to.

Peanut Publications said...

You know, I was baffled and upset that she got voted off, but honestly, she's better off! Now she won't be under the strict Idol contract, and rumor has it, she's signed with Interscope records already (per Yahoo news anyways!)

I'm not sure who to vote for now. Paul, Casey, Scotty, and Hailey - while good - all bug me. Casey strikes me as the type to be like Taylor Hicks...but that's just me!