Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Fresh I come!!!

Michael and I took Julia outside for a little while this evening. Wait...let me rephrase that. Michael took Julia outside, and I caught up with them about 10 minutes later. Anyways...we wandered around the front and back yard for a bit, getting some good old fresh air and vitamin D. While in the back yard, I decided to investigate my lilac bushes and my garden. I have purple buds on my lilacs already, and...get this...I HAVE PEA SPROUTS!!! I'm so excited!!! The beans were supposed to sprout first, but they haven't popped through yet. But...I have peas!!! LOL

Anyways...while we were in the front yard, I checked out my lilies and the peonies that I got from my mother-in-law last year. The peonies are starting to sprout up a bit (some of them are already 3" tall!), and the lilies...OH THE LILIES!!! They're coming in like crazy already. I can't WAIT to see them once they bloom!!! Even the little ones that didn't sprout last year are about 2" tall already. Now I just need to get to the local garden store to get some hostas to plant under the pine tree, and possibly some short annuals to replace the mums that are taking OVER. Seriously...when we got the mums, they were about 3" in diameter, and now they all average about 8". I think one might be as big as 20" the base!!! I will be splitting them, and quite possibly pitching half of them...I'm not a huge mum fan, but Michael really likes them. Plus, they're a fall flower, so they're a good replacement when the spring annuals are gone.

Hopefully, if the weather holds up tomorrow, I'll be able to get outside and get some pictures of all the "activity" going on!

God bless!

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