Tuesday, March 8, 2011

One year...

One year ago today, at 5:55 pm, my beautiful, adorable, wonderful little girl was born. She is the light of my life, and I would do anything for her. Happy First Birthday sweet baby girl! I love you!!!

Today was kind of rough for the poor thing. She's been teething like crazy, and spent the majority of the morning just laying on me snuggling. Now...I love the extra snuggles since she doesn't do it very often, but I really don't like that she hasn't been feeling so hot for the last few days. She spiked a fever on Saturday, but was better Sunday...starting to show signs of not feeling well again on Monday.  Today, we had her 12 month well check visit. It didn't go so well!!! She threw up all over in the car when I got into the parking garage (and I mean a LOT). When we got into the room, the nurse measured her (28 1/2") and weighed her (18lbs 14oz). When the doc came in and started checking her for illness since I mentioned she hadn't been feeling well, we discovered that she had an ear infection in both ears, and might have strep! Let me tell you something...I sure felt like mommy of the year at that point! They sent us on our way with some antibiotics and no standard well visit yet...not until she's better anyways.

We went ahead and gave Julia a little bit of her birthday present today (she'll get the rest on Saturday), and a cupcake to celebrate! She really enjoyed the cake once she got past the frosting! LOL

Anyways, here's our beautiful birthday girl one year ago, and, how she's grown!

Hope you all have a wonderful evening...

God bless!


Emily said...

Happy Birthday Julia!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Happy Birthday Miss Julia!!!

Bellva said...

How wonderful!

Shan said...

So sad when they're sick. Go easy on yourself for not knowing everything. It happens. And earaches are funky anyway... one day they don't require antibiotics and the next they do. Sounds like she got to the doc right when she needed to, and not a moment too soon.

What a beaut she is, sick or no.

Dropping in from Mama Blog.

Shan :+)