Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Time Warp Tuesday! (and an update...)

Whew...where did the last week go, seriously?  I can't keep up!!!  Before I post TWT #3, I want to do a much needed update.

Last Sunday, Julia was super congested, and kept us up half the night practically gagging on whatever drainage was going on in her little sinus cavities.  She had also started coughing and sneezing a bit so I called the doctor.  They didn't even hesitate setting up an appointment for her when I ran down her list of "symptoms".  I left work a little early and had her checked out.  Get this...she was "perfectly healthy".  No fever, no cold, nothing.  I was instructed to get her outside (for the humidity), and to set up a humidifier/vaporizer in her room to help break up whatever was in her sinuses.  No biggie.  I got home late that afternoon, and around dinner she felt kind of warm so I took her temperature.  101.6 (+1)!!!  Crap.  Well, the doc said she was ok, but I can't take her to day care for 24 hours following a fever.  I gave her some Tylenol to break the fever and called my sis to watch her on Tuesday.

We kept an eye on her that night, and throughout the day Tuesday.  I wound up taking her back in on Wednesday because she spiked a fever again.  Turns out...she had an ear infection!  In both ears!!!  Poor baby...but apparently, it happens all the time so my first time mom freak out was a little overboard!  LOL  She is doing much better now that she's on antibiotics.  Our little girl is growing fast though!  She's up to 10lbs 11oz!  I can't believe she'll be 4 months old in just 2 short weeks...  *sigh*

Now for Time Warp Tuesday!

TWT Entry #3:
This picture was taken in Chicago on St. Patrick's Day in 2007.  Wow...what a fun weekend THAT was!!!  I would love to do it all again, except I would change one thing...I would have my hubby and my daughter to spend it with!  =)

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