Sunday, January 31, 2010


Today, I hit the 32 week mark! Only 8 weeks to go until the little one is in our arms. I can't wait!!!

Yesterday, mom came over and we took a tour of the hospital so that she is familiar with where to go and how to get there if she has to take me in. It was the second tour for me, so more of a refresher than anything. It was kind of crazy being in the L&D room...and the mommy-baby (recovery) room knowing that I'll be there within the next 2 months! After the tour, mom and I went shopping a bit to help finish up getting some of the things we still need for the little bean. On our first trip, we got a changing pad, a nightgown for me to wear in the hospital after the baby comes, bottles...since we didn't get any at the shower...binkies, and a few other items. We then came home, had lunch with the hubby, the BIL and the future SIL and headed out to David's to look at some wedding gowns for the FSIL. We had a LOT of fun!!! She found her dress, and it was exciting. After David's, we headed to Target to do some more baby shopping...where we found this...

I love, love, LOVE this bassinet!!! It's the one that I originally wanted to register for but it was way too much...($160 or $180, can't remember...) we snagged this for $75!!! LOVE IT!!! I can't wait to see our little one snoozing (or squirming) away in it! :-)

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