Thursday, January 7, 2010

Interesting couple of days...

Last night, my wonderful computer decided to have brain freeze and completely shut down for no reason.

Well, let me elaborate...

I have a rather well known anti-virus software (starts with an 'N'). Ever since i updated it, it has been running full system scans in the background. The last time this scan ran, my computer shut down, unannounced. I rebooted, and everything seemed fine. A few weeks passed (I think it does this scan once a month), which brings us to last night.

I was playing around, had a couple of tabs open in Firefox, was chatting on Yahoo messenger, and was trying to empty my photo card. I had pics from October on it LOL Anyways...I walked away from my computer for a second, and I hear from the living room "your computer just shut off" WHAT?! Again!?! grr. Back into the living room...hit the power button, and the black screen that gives you the "SAFE mode" boot screen was up. I selected "Start Normally". 2 seconds later, the computer shuts off again.


Power on screen. OH NO!!! This is EXACTLY what my desktop computer did before it started deleting all my index files!!! Yeah, that was a fun day too. Oh! Turn off again. Just for fun!

Power screen...shut down.

What...the heck...seriously???

Power on again. Shut down.

Screw it.

Slam the top shut. Unplug it, and toss the plug. Let the stupid thing sit there. I don't need it, right? A few minutes passed and I thought, "let me try it one more time". Power on - still unplugged - and shut off my wireless antenna. Black screen comes up, I choose "Start Normally" again...and wait. Seems to be working...but will it make it to my login screen? That was the burning question. Next thing I know, there's my login screen! I'm STUMPED. I log in, and wait. Nothing seems to be smoking, burning, deleting, actually seems to be running alright. Crazy. Oh, and the best part...the error report!!! I kid you not, the blue screen of death that pops called BlueScreen on the error report. Come on can be more creative than that! I got a really good chuckle out of it though, and had to save the error report just because of the name! HA!

And that brings me to tonight. We started getting some snow (YAY!!!) around 1:30-2:00 this afternoon. They've been talking about it on the news for a couple of days now...2-5", 3-6"...either way...SNOW!!! Well, by the time I left work, there was already about 2" on the ground. Let me say first off - it's going to take a while to get used to having a "truck" vs. the little green machine. I could have that car cleaned off in less than 5 minutes. The Jeep on the other hand...took me almost 10! It really made me realize how short I truly am. =/ Anyways...I had my 4wd on all the way home, and people were only going about 25 mph...tops. I got to one relatively major intersection, and there was an ambulance approaching. I started to think..."man, I hope they don't need to go's bumper to bumper!" Sure enough, they went left and what happened next was really neat to see. It was like watching the red sea part. There are only 2 lanes going North, and 2 lanes South on this road, and it is still a divided highway at this point. Cars were getting over to the right and left to get out of the way of the ambulance. Think of the scene in Bruce Almighty when Jim Carey wants to get to work quickly, closes his eyes, an puts his hand up, waving the cars apart. That's about what this looked like! It was very slow moving for the ambulance, and I truly hope that whomever they were tending to was ok, but it was neat to actually see drivers MOVING when an emergency vehicle needed to get through.

Anyhow...we just took the Christmas tree down =( It's so bare in here now!!! And I need to get to bed...

Good night blog world!

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