Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The End of an Era...

Well, over the last month, I have gotten married (my drivers license number now starts with a 'B' **giggle**), cut my hair, and now it's time for me to say good-bye to the great Green Machine, and welcome my new "mom-mobile"! No, there are no kiddies on the way yet...sheesh...we're just getting prepared! lol

The Green Machine had a decent life. No, I didn't take care of her as well as I could have, but she always got me where I needed to go...sometimes reluctantly, but got me there nonetheless. I had her for a little over 8 years and that's the longest I have ever had a vehicle to date. Second longest would be the gray Cavalier station wagon I believe...but that and my wonderful Sonoma are close in time. I totaled the Sonoma pretty close to 15 months to the day of signing the papers and never really felt right about driving the Green Machine after that. I always wanted my truck back. It was so much fun!!! But, the Green Machine grew on me. She was fun to drive, and rarely fought back when I asked her to "go". Sometimes she would "go" faster than I even thought she could!!! She got me safely to Alabama a couple of times, to Cedar Point MULTIPLE times, even to Chicago once or twice. When I handed the keys over on Monday, she had 116,310 miles of experience on the road! A few dents and dings here and there, some stains, and a prissiness about coming out of park as of late. I tried to remedy that prior to trading her in, but she resisted. I'll miss you Green Machine! You were a good car...

The reigns have been passed on rather smoothly to a new mode of transportation. It's bigger, it's's four wheel drive!!! :-) I love this thing. I haven't come up with a nickname yet, but I'm sure it's only a matter of time. This thing is...FUN!!! I really like it, and even though it has a few more miles than the Green Machine had, I'm ok with that. I fought myself about that simple fact for a day and then realized that it wasn't as big of a deal as I was making it out to be. So, here it is! Momma's new toy!!! is mine! Muahahahaaaa Well...there are 2 names on the title just because the insurance was in his name, and my drivers license hadn't been changed yet, and that's how the title for the Green Machine read. I can change it though. :-D I'm just a little worried about the gas price. Bigger tank, less miles...oh well...I and our children, when we have them, will be safe. That's all that matters!


Rest in peace...
Adam Thad Riviera
October 1, 1987 - May 17, 2009

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